Why You Should Switch to Smart Bulbs

August 26, 2022 by Milica Brborovic

Innovation has made it possible for people to interact with futuristic technology. Technology has improved so much over the years and has given us great inventions. The smart bulb is one example.

You’re probably wondering, doesn’t a bulb have one job? Well, yes. Bulbs have the primary job of lighting a room, but smart bulbs do more than just brighten up a space.

What a Smart Bulb Is and the Benefits of Switching to One

A smart bulb is an internet-capable LED lightbulb. These bulbs have a voice-control feature that allows an owner to modify the brightness, color, intensity, or hue with verbal commands.

Man Using a Smartphone in His Automated Home

The bulbs can also connect to your phone or home automation system for easy control. With a smart bulb, you no longer have to walk to a switch to toggle it.

As mentioned, smart bulbs add a few more exciting functions to the boring old bulb. This intelligent device also becomes an accessory to your other smart appliances, such as Google Home, making life and everyday routines more exciting.

Let’s discuss what this bulb brings to the table.

Brightness Control

In regular bulbs, you can only pick out the wattage of the bulb and have little power over how bright it will be. With smart bulbs, you have all the freedom.

You can not only choose a level of brightness but also pick from a rainbow of colors.

Mood and Ambiance Settings

As mentioned, you can control the brightness and color of a smart bulb. With these settings, you can therefore create a suitable mood in any room. Dimming the lights or making them multicolored can drastically change the look of a space.

Man Controlling a Smart Lamp With His Phone

You can also use the different settings to complement the furnishing and color choices for the different rooms. The freedom to change the controls at any time makes it the perfect accessory for spontaneity within the home.

Music Coordination

Yes, smart bulbs can play music, too. Some smart bulbs have a built-in speaker that responds to your voice and can play any song you request. You can even set the music to match the brightness and hue of light to create a mood.

This will be perfect for parties, romantic dinners, or even a relaxing evening with a book.

Energy Saving

Despite the wide range of functions, smart bulbs consume less energy than standard bulbs. They feature either CFL or LED bulbs instead of incandescent ones that consume more power.

Led Light Bulb and Smartphone on a Wooden Table

Some smart bulbs even have rechargeable batteries that allow them to function without being plugged in.

Extended Use

An average smart bulb can work consistently for up to 50,000 hours compared to the mere 750 to 2,000 hours for incandescent bulbs. Getting a smart bulb, therefore, means a more prolonged use of your bulb, which saves you money in the long run.

Fun Control Features

Smart bulbs can connect to your home assistant, allowing you to set timers and command them through voice control. It is also possible to connect the bulbs to your phone through an app. The features offered in either case are more fun than the simple switches that come with incandescent bulbs.

Close up of man hand holding a voice activation smart light app

Other smart bulbs use Bluetooth, allowing you to connect the device to any other Bluetooth-powered control device. This means that even at times when the WiFi is down, you can still operate your smart bulbs.

Increased Security

Some smart bulbs can detect movement within a room. Aside from the obvious convenience this function offers, it is also a way to scare off or notice an intruder at night.

If connected to a home security system, the smart bulb can trigger an alarm.

Strengthen Your Security

Like many other IoT devices, smart bulbs connect to the internet. Ensuring your home’s safety, especially where smart gadgets are involved should be a priority. VPNs and proxies in the USA and beyond can help you keep your network safe by creating private connections for you and your devices.

Research extensively for the most suitable proxy choice that fits your needs before purchasing. With secure networks, you can enjoy your light bulbs as well as other smart home gadgets fearlessly. You would also be more assured of your safety when accessing the internet.

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