VoIP Information Essentials 2022: Everything You Need To Know About The Latest Business Communication Innovation

November 28, 2022 by Patricia Bennett

Copper wires and desk phones? They’re a thing of the past! Landlines may have been the powerhouse before, but with the advancement in related technologies, they may soon become relic of the past. Freeje and other telecom providers are bringing small enterprises and startups into the future with VoIP.

And today, you’ll see even businesses with extremely tight budgets have an incredibly efficient communication system. That’s all thanks to VoIP! Click To Tweet

It has made more accessible a lot of features that used to be reserved for more established enterprises.

VoIP is a technology that in many ways operates like your traditional phone system. But unlike its less advanced counterpart, you don’t need copper wires. In fact, you don’t need any kind of physical infrastructure to establish a VoIP system. All you need is the internet.

If you’re curious about how this superb piece of tech works, keep reading. We’ll discuss the most important details about it.

How does VoIP make communication possible?

To better understand the process, it helps to use traditional phone operations as your reference. When you make a call using landlines, the copper wires from your place will transmit the voice data to the intended receiver.

With VoIP, it’s practically the same. Using the internet, VoIP lets you send and receive data packets simultaneously and constantly. The same goes for whoever is on the other end of the line. And throughout this entire process, it doesn’t use the traditional phone system at all.

And because you’d need the internet to make this happen, the efficiency by which this process takes place depends on the connection strength.

Before, you needed specialized equipment to take advantage of this technology. Even if you can afford it, VoIP was still somewhat of a headache because the internet connection then wasn’t fast enough.

Today, that’s not an issue at all. A quick and reliable connection is now available and affordable. You can use software, a web browser, or a mobile app to access VoIP services. If you want to maximize the use of your existing hardware, you can simply use a VoIP adapter on your desk phones to make them compatible with VoIP.

What advantages do you get when you use VoIP?

The process by which audio and voice information may be similar to landlines, but that’s where the similarities end. By taking the chance to try VoIP, you’ll experience these benefits:

Reduced costs

This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons business owners started considering VoIP a few years ago. Phone bills can increase at unmanageable rates, especially if you’re always making international calls.

Led Light Bulb and Smartphone on a Wooden Table

But by moving forward to VoIP, you’re not just getting rid of international call costs. You’re also permanently freeing yourself from ever spending money on maintenance and repairs ever again. With this tech, everything exists online. Therefore, you have nothing to maintain.

Did you know that in some cases, companies are able to save up to 90% on their phone bill? On top of other avenues to save, you’ll get an opportunity to allocate them to revenue-generating ventures.

Remote working

Do you know what the best part of the morning commute is? Nothing at all. That’s why many office workers that switched to remote work because of the pandemic are never going back. With how the past two years shaped the landscape of the average office life, you need to adapt as well.

Remote Work

People now know that there are more opportunities to work from home. You have to keep up and open that option as well. But to be able to do that, you need VoIP. It would allow you to connect workers from various parts of the city (or even the world!) and ensure efficiency while working.

Affordable features

If you don’t like paying massive amounts of money for every additional feature that you’ll get, then it’s time to try VoIP. Not only would you get sophisticated features for cheap, but you’ll also get a lot for free as part of the VoIP system.

These features would allow your staff to work more efficiently while also keeping customers satisfied with your phone service or support.

Massive flexibility

The needs of your enterprise can change in an instant. Will your established systems be able to change just as quickly? With VoIP, this wouldn’t be an issue at all! There are no contract lock-ins so you can scale up or down whenever needed. This way, your VoIP system will always be exactly what you need – no more, no less!

Are you ready to finally give VoIP a try? Download Freeje Optimum to purchase your first VoIP number. This will serve as your ticket to the exciting world of VoIP. You’ll enjoy all these benefits as soon as you get started.

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