Do I Need a Virtual Number to Receive SMS Online?

May 18, 2022 by Patricia Bennett

Much has been said about how to receive SMS online. The Internet contains countless articles about SMS received online, virtual number SMS, and other related matters. However, only a few emphasize the importance of a virtual number in receiving SMS online. And with that intention in mind, we believe that this article will clarify the question, “do you need a virtual number to receive SMS online?”

The importance of a virtual number

A virtual number is a telephone number itself but is not tied to any specific mobile device such as your phone or tablet. If you’ll notice that in the past, a basic phone number is designed to work over a single phone line.

Virtual Number

However, with a virtual number, these physical boundaries or limitations are eliminated. Since they are considered cloud-based, they are run through an Internet connection. By saying this, all you need is stable Internet connectivity, and you can take advantage of it.

Virtual numbers play an important role in any business, regardless of their size. On the other hand, they are not specifically designed for companies alone. Ordinary individuals like you and I can be benefitted from this awesome number. One important benefit it provides is the safety of our sensitive information from possible online fraudsters and scammers.

What are the advantages of using a virtual number to receive online SMS?

In order to get the most out of a virtual number, you should be able to consider the advantages that you can enjoy when using one.

  • Protection against spamming and identity theft – you might not be aware that most companies and small businesses, as well as private individuals, are using virtual phone numbers as a substitute for their original mobile numbers when signing up for a particular website. Most sites, if not all, require your phone number upon registration. This is the method they used to effectively confirmed human verification. They’ll send a confirmation code to the phone number you put in their registration forms, and all you’ve got to do is click the code to confirm that you are indeed a human.


Unfortunately, personal details being encoded online have the chance to leak in public, leaving your basic but sensitive information at risk of being stolen. Virtual phone numbers effectively eliminate that kind of risk. By utilizing a virtual number, you will not receive any spam messages or calls. One of the best features of a virtual number is that all incoming messages will automatically be transferred to your email, leaving your phone free from unwanted messages or calls.

  • 24/7 customer support – unlike ordinary SIM cards, virtual numbers are not tied to a phone. Additionally, you can only acquire them online via trusted service providers such as Hottelecom. With Hottelecom, for example, we have a dedicated customer support team that exclusively caters to our client’s concerns and questions. Furthermore, our team is well-trained in resolving any issues quickly and effectively.
  • Cost-efficient – maybe you think that virtual phone numbers are expensive, but the fact is they are cheap and cost-efficient. You can even choose between a temporary and permanent number to use.

Customer Support

If you are running a business, then a virtual number to receive SMS is a must. We know how irritating it is when your phone keeps on notifying you about incoming messages, especially in the middle of a hectic schedule, just to find out that it is a spam message.

With a virtual number, you can filter the messages, and since they are transferred to your email via SMS to email service, you can choose to whom you will reply; just ignore those spam messages. On the other hand, you can transfer the messages to another phone number you might prefer.

Why do more people choose Hottelecom as their service provider?

Hottelecom is considered one of the most trusted service providers when it comes to cloud-based telephony systems. Aside from our best quality services, we strive hard to provide and maintain the following advantages of partnering with us.

  1. Data privacy – personal data protection to avoid identity theft.
  2. Customer service – a dedicated customer support team that answers customers’ calls promptly.
  3. SIP account for free – upon successful purchase of a virtual number, we provide a SIP account that is totally free of charge.
  4. Telegram forwarding – with Hottelecom, you can forward incoming calls to the Telegram app.
  5. More than 100 ways of payment – to further ease the burden of paying for certain services, Hottelecom provides over 100 payment methods to efficiently facilitate payments. And if you desire to have total anonymity at all times, you have the option of paying via cryptocurrency payment.
  6. Well-established connectivity – one of Hottelecom’s main advantages is the reliable and stable quality of connection.
  7. More than 90 countries available across the globe – with its wide coverage, you are assured of a wider connection than usual.

Final words

Virtual numbers are not only designed to hide your real phone number. Rather, they were created to help you in the enhancement of your business by reaching a wider audience through messages and calls.

There are also cases where you don’t want to provide the entire team with your phone number. You can always choose to give your virtual number and still manage your SMS.

Now that you are fully aware of how a virtual phone number can help you, it is time for you to decide whether you need one or not. In case you are confused about your decision, or you still need clarification, reach out to us, and we will gladly assist you in every step until you are thoroughly familiar with its functions and features.

Virtual numbers, also called online SMS receivers, are capable of handling a large volume of incoming messages. Incorporating this essential tool into your business or personal use will truly help you eliminate cybercrimes while helping you build a wide audience for your business.

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