6 Secrets of Video Optimization to Get Your Potential Customers' Attention

August 24, 2022 by Patricia Bennett

Video marketing is becoming more and more popular as time goes on. Numerous uses of videos will eventually help you get more customers. Even though this method might be more expensive, it will do wonders for your brand in the long run.

Some of the downsides of video marketing include requiring hiring video editing and recording experts and the duration of creating videos.

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With TikTok rising in popularity, many companies decided to try and engage in video marketing. Although many companies have been doing this for decades through tv commercials, the internet gave businesses even more opportunities to market their products.

Reasons to use video marketing

High-quality video will give viewers the idea that the company invests in quality and cares about the representation of its products. Through a video that can last even anywhere from 10 seconds to a few minutes, brands will have the opportunity to build an emotional bond with the viewer, tell a story about themselves or their product, and represent themselves in the best way possible.

Video Marketing

Although people might wonder how it is possible to “explain” anything in such a short time, considering the shortened attention span of the viewer, a shorter advertisement will be more effective. Watching a video that is entertaining and short will make a bigger impact on the viewer when compared to words and complex explanations.

Your video advertisement can be placed in various places to increase your users’ engagement. You can place an ad on social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram or use it for your website. If the users are interested in the type of product your business is making, they are much more likely to click on the video that will briefly explain the product rather than reading hundreds of words.

There are different approaches that you can use to create your video. You can try to create a video that will give the customer as much information for a short time, or it can be based on a story or a dialogue between people.

Amberscript’s audio to text converter is one of the tools that will allow you to convert audio files into text and help you in the process of creating videos. You can use this in various ways, such as adding subtitles to your videos. Other uses might include using it to document certain ideas and brainstorming, which you can later edit and improve through text editors.

Videos will attract more visitors to your website and social media platforms, so there will also be a higher chance that the viewers will purchase your products or services. To attract viewers to your website, you will also receive more organic traffic from search engines. Google often puts youtube videos as the first result for many keywords.

6 Secrets of video optimization to get your potential customer’s attention

1. Personalize content

Depending on your company’s field, you should adapt the videos according to your audience. Viewers will rather watch content that speaks to them directly. That being said, you need to understand your audience.

Many people will look for products only when they need them and rarely purchase something that just popped out while scrolling through their feed. But through your video, you can tell a story about your brand that will make it more recognizable.

Video Marketing

When the viewer feels that the company is looking to help him fulfill his needs, he will choose it over its competitors. That’s why it’s important to tell a story through your video that will build a bond between you and your customer.

To understand your audience, you need to be familiar with relevant statistics and data for the products in your niche. This can be achieved by various marketing and data tools, or you can simply do surveys with your customers.

2. Aim for short videos

The attention span is getting shorter and shorter by generation; that’s why it’s much more important to focus on shorter videos. TikTok clips, Instagram Reels and Youtube Shorts are the future of video marketing.

The popularity of this type of video is constantly increasing, and depending on the interests of the user, they will inevitably be recommended content about the products that they are interested in.

Video Marketing

However, you shouldn’t forget about posting content to social media platforms such as Facebook and Youtube. These platforms will allow you to post longer content, but even for them, the most often watched ads will last from 5 to 15 seconds.

Even though it might cost you more, it’s best to create multiple videos that will be posted on the platforms accordingly. Longer content for Youtube and Facebook, and shorter for Instagram and Tiktok.

3. Include a CTA

Your videos can be informative or interesting; however, having a call to action will significantly increase conversion or sales. Your video shouldn’t just end without letting your customers know the next step they should take. Once you grab your customers’ attention through a video, you should use this as much as possible.

Your viewers don’t have to go and purchase your product as soon as the video ends, but you should let them know where they can get your product and give them the information that will allow them to follow your company’s work.

To help your viewers make the next step, you should leave a link in the description of the video, or if you are using your website, you should create an interactive way that will lead them to the place where they can make the purchase, or find more info about your product.

4. Create content for mobile

With every year, more and more internet traffic is coming from mobile devices. People find phones much easier and more convenient to use than computers, plus they are always in their pockets.

That being said, you can go with a mobile-first approach to creating videos for your company. Videos created for mobile phones can be easily resized by devices with larger screens, but the mobile-first approach will create a much more inviting ad than poorly optimized ad made for PC and Mac and then downsized.

Mobile Optimization

According to statistics, 40% of Youtube traffic comes from mobile devices. But there are also other platforms, such as TikTok and Instagram, which are predominantly used on phones. One way to optimize your content for mobile devices is to create vertical videos. This way, you can use the full “potential” of the mobile phone screen.

5. Optimize your text and graphics

Too much information can be overwhelming for your viewers, and it can even turn them away from watching the video completely. That’s why you should be careful when adding text to your videos. They need to contain only the most useful information, and you can implement this through pop-ups.

To enhance the knowledge retention of your viewers, you can use graphics and interesting data to help them understand your product’s potential. Again, too much info on the screen will do more harm than good.

Numbers and percentages are a great way to make your viewers trust you and consider you knowledgeable. With data being backed by research and sources, your potential customer will see your company as willing to do research and deliver the info to their audience.

6. Use background music and sound effects

Music is an important aspect of the everyday lives of many people. People enjoy music because it invokes emotions in them and gives them enjoyment. But many people don’t even realize that they are often listening to music without realizing it.

A vast majority of YouTube informative videos use background music to set a tone for their videos. Along with music, various sound effects can also be used to emphasize certain words or parts of the video.

Video Marketing

Background music will complement the structure of your video, but it’s often hard or expensive to find music that’s suitable for a certain product. Hiring audio engineers or musicians that will compose music specifically for the video is the best option here. Even though this option might be more expensive than using royalty-free music from the internet, it’s a much better choice.


By implementing these steps, you will most likely increase the popularity of your company. However, no secret information will be able to help you market a bad idea or a bad product. But in many cases, your video can be significantly enhanced by the tricks mentioned in the article.

Through videos, you will be able to build a stronger bond with your long-time audience or attract new customers. Each time that someone is intrigued by your video content, there is a higher chance that it will make a purchase, or follow the work of your company.

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