Top 6 Plugins for WordPress Every Writer Should Use

February 23, 2023 by Adnan

While in college, you may have many reasons to use WordPress. For example, you might be starting your own blog or creating a website for your startup. Regardless of the purpose, a big part of your success with WP depends on a smart selection of plugins. Essential additions to this selection are WP Force SSL, which ensures your website operates securely under SSL, and WP Login LockDown, providing an added layer of protection against brute-force login attempts.

In this article, a professional writer will share with you a list of the ultimate WordPress plugins for writers, bloggers, and content creators.


1.  Grammarly

Let’s say you were assigned to write a personal statement for college. Of course, you have no right for a mistake if you want a high grade. Still, you always have the possibility to buy a personal statement from a paper writing service or at least order professional editing. But when it’s your own blog or website, you will most likely need to do everything yourself and ensure that there are no mistakes.

The Grammarly plugin is meant just for that! This popular tool will check your grammar and spelling mistakes while you write, helping you achieve the best quality of content.

2.  CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

If you are new to the digital writing industry, chances are that crafting traffic-driving headlines sounds like a big deal for you. Luckily, this plugin makes it a piece of cake. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer will help you to create attention-grabbing headlines that will organically draw readers to your content.

3.  Yoast SEO


Whatever you are searching for on the web, be it honest essay writing services reviews or a specific product that you want to buy, in most cases, your search will stop on the first few results in SERPs. In fact, the #1 result receives over 27% of all clicks, while only 63% of users get to the second page.

These numbers highlight the importance of SEO. If you want your blog or website to get noticed, you also need SEO, and this plugin will help. Yoast SEO enables bloggers and content creators to optimize their content for search engines and rank higher in SERPs.

4.  Google Analytics

It doesn’t matter if you are a blogger or offer your writing as a service. In order to succeed on WordPress, you have to keep an eye on statistics. Google Analytics is the best plugin for this purpose. It lets you track the performance of your website, including visitor statistics and traffic sources, to help refine your strategies and achieve greater success!

5.  Editorial Calendar

Every successful content creator knows that consistency is the key to success. That is, you have to make regular publications to keep readers engaged. The next plugin is essential for getting more consistent. Editorial Calendar will help you organize and plan your content creation schedule, ensuring you post high-quality content on a regular basis. As a result, you will keep your blog active and engaging.

6.  Easy Social Share Buttons

Social media

Last but not least, what’s good about excellent content that users can’t share? Indeed, if you want to get noticed as a content creator, you want to ensure that readers can promote your content through sharing, and this plugin will help. The Easy Social Share Buttons plugin enables your readers to share your content on social media, increasing your reach and engagement.

The Bottom Line

Thanks to the Internet and WordPress, in particular, anyone can now start writing content and sharing it with large audiences. However, if you want to get the most out of it and succeed as a content creator, you will need to leverage the right tools.

After reading this guide, you have a list of the essential WP plugins meant for writers. Start using them now to reach the top!

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