A Safe Crypto Exchange to Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency

December 21, 2022 by Nina Medanić

Crypto trading is a way to generate income from the difference in cryptocurrency values. Since the market of digital assets is incredibly volatile, it is possible to earn by buying and reselling crypto in the long and short terms. All the processes connected with converting crypto assets take place on crypto exchanges. They offer relevant crypto currency prices and tools for trading, charging fees for their services.

Depending on the way funds are transferred, there are two main types of crypto platforms:

  • Centralized exchanges – store clients’ funds on their servers and provide their safety.
  • Decentralized – do not store user funds. Money moves between users’ wallets, and an exchange is not responsible for its safety.

Regarding the safest option for buying crypto, it is definitely a centralized exchange. If you start exploring the crypto world, it is a good source to know more and get free crypto through mining on Rollercoin.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency and be Sure It is in a Safe Place?

crypto stocks on computer

Of course, the safest option would be to buy cryptocurrency on a centralized exchange. Picking a platform for trading, pay attention to the following factors:

  1. The reputation of the platform
  2. The number of crypto coins supported
  3. The availability of trading tools
  4. The fee policy
  5. Social networks and feedback from clients.

One of the largest crypto exchanges in Europe is WhiteBIT. It is a centralized platform that allows registered users to purchase cryptocurrency with fiat money. The platform stores users’ funds offline. It provides users with the option to set a two-factor authentication to protect their accounts from third parties.

The exchange offers over 450 pairs of crypto and fiat currencies. The fee is fixed at 0,10%, and it does not vary depending on the tool you use.

The platform interacts with its users through social networks and constantly rolls out interesting quizzes and competitions for its community with excellent rewards. Besides, if you buy the native WBT token, you will receive many additional earning opportunities and access to product-partners of WhiteBIT.

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