Plugin tracking explanation and full disclosure

What’s this really all about?
We don’t work for NSA / FBI / insert-any-3-letter-agency-abbreviation. We’re not out to “get you”. Frankly, as long as you don’t have any problems we don’t care how you use our plugin nor do we expect any feedback beyond a “thank you” tweet. We are not gathering data for any higher purpose. We only need it for one simple task – make GMW more compatible with themes and plugins that are most frequently used with GMW. That’s it. This is not a conspiracy.
Why do we need this data?
In order to ensure GMW works with “all” themes and plugins available for WordPress we have to test as many possible scenarios as possible. Since it’s humanly impossible to test it with each and every plugin and theme we have to narrow down the list to themes and plugins that are most often used with GMW. Hence we need that info from you – the person who is using GMW in the real world.
What data exactly do you have and store (no tech-speak/bullshit answer)


Sharing data with 3rd parties
We will never share any data collected this way with any 3rd parties! That premise is out of the question. Biggest “information leak” we’re willing to do is a tweet like “did you know that 77% of GMW users also use plugin xyz”.
25% discount code
As a way of saying “thank you” we’ll email you a 25% discount coupon for our premium plugins and themes. This is a one-time email. We don’t subscribe you to any email lists / newsletters or save your email address.
If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to contact us @WebFactoryLtd.

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