The Best Online Courses That Will Help You Improve Your Business

September 09, 2020 by Marija Blazevic

In the last ten years or so, online courses have become increasingly popular across the globe. More and more universities and colleges across the world are offering their students the chance to study remotely or online, whilst in their native countries or as a way to work and study at the same time. A higher number of graduate certificates and full-time courses are being offered at top universities, and people like it.

Online courses offer greater flexibility and easier scheduling. If you are working, you can do your assignments and exams when it suits you. There is no strict schedule that you must follow, and attendance is not mandatory. You can do these assignments from anywhere in the world; you just need a computer and internet connection. Also, as we have seen with the current COVID-19 pandemic, online classes have become a new normal almost anywhere, and many students seem to prefer this style of teaching, especially as a way to minimize the possibility of getting sick. Lastly, taking online courses could also mean your tuition costs to be somewhat lower, thus help save some of your money.

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These courses range from learning how to manage Google and Facebook ads to a starter pack designed to help you run your new startup successfully.



TeachableU is an online course developed and created by AppSumo. This course helps you create interesting courses that your students will really enjoy, as well as successfully market them to the right audience that will know how to appreciate the course.

Creating online courses is not easy; a lot of planning goes into the whole process. With this course, you will get a step by step formula that will help you come up with a topic, design the curriculum for it, create the right content, and show it to the right people. All of this can be done rather quickly, in less than 90 days.

Now, what does this course actually do for you?

First of all, you can map out the whole curriculum for the course and choose the content type. You will also get some tips on what course to pick and what courses are in high demand.

After you have picked out your course and your audience, you will be taught how to create high-quality videos, even without extensive knowledge of the latest video technology.

Once all of this is done, you will be taught how to market your course and make sure the idea and the message behind it are unique and personalized. Then, the fourth and final course shows you how to launch and market your online course business. You will get a lot of course handouts, templates, and email scripts that you can use for your course. The courses are also mobile accessible.

Probably the best thing about this course is that it is completely free.

LinkedIn Outreach Bootcamp

LinkedIn Outreach Bootcamp

LinkedIn Outreach Bootcamp is an online course that shows you some good tips on how to build an organic B2B outreach system on LinkedIn. What this means is that it will help you effectively target and connect with the right clients, and not just send random LinkedIn connection requests. In short, you will build a structured campaign to develop valuable relationships. It is recommended by service providers and B2B salespeople and marketers who need to increase their LinkedIn outreach.

This is a 5-day course, and it helps you to learn how to use LinkedIn to generate new lists and increase the number of your clients. You will be using the Money-Client Matrix and the Boolean Hack, and both formulas teach you how to build targeted lists and get results.

After you have generated a list, you will familiarize yourself with the QuAD method. This method uses messages to build trust as it positions you as valued industry personnel.

This is a course that teaches you to manage and use a daily 30-minute routine for generating leads and finding new clients on LinkedIn so that it won’t take too much of your time. Lastly, you will get a calendar template so you can map out a daily plan and follow the tips.

Also, another amazing thing about this course is that it is completely free.

Google Ads Bootcamp

Google Ads Bootcamp

Google Ads Bootcamp is an online course that teaches you how to optimize your PPC advertising campaign on Google Ads. This is definitely a course you want to check out as it helps you spend your money effectively and get better ROIs from Google Ads.

It is a 5-day learning course, and you use real data to calculate your budget to make it appear realistic. You will also use a PPC Keyword Research Guide so you can learn how to create, find, and use the best keywords for your business.

This course helps you budget and maximize your profits, create a good account structure so you can perform better than your competitors, and discover good keywords that you can help you generate higher ROIs. Lastly, you will discover some hidden, low-cost advertising opportunities and shortcuts that could be really beneficial for your business.

Facebook Ads Bootcamp

Facebook Ads Bootcamp

Facebook Ads Bootcamp course teaches you to target your audience effectively and stay under budget for your Facebook campaigns. With this course, you get data-driven budgets and targets that will optimize your spending, and you will learn how to target your audience and create the right content for them.

Firstly, you create a budget, and you will be taught how to avoid constantly investing in ads and getting smaller returns. Next, you will be finding your audience and create the right message and content for them. Basically, you want to engage them and provide value to them.

Also, ad testing comes with the opportunity to collect data so you can see how your ads are performing and, according to that, create a plan for effective advertising. Moreover, you get a Facebook ads checklist, budget, and advertising target calculators, and Facebook ads trend study so you can see if you are staying on track and under budget.

Again, this course is completely free.

Agency Survival Bootcamp

Agency Survival Bootcamp

Agency Survival Bootcamp is another course about finding growth opportunities during an economic crisis. Basically, this course can help you learn how to sustain your business when the tough times come and how to get a head start during such times.

The economy is changing, new technologies and trends are happening, and it is hard to know what a good opportunity can be and what is a lost cause. However, this course can show you the techniques on how to identify opportunities that can be beneficial in the future. For example, you will get tips on how to find clients in a crisis and how to create a 5-year or 10-year back-up plan. Lastly, you get some ideas on how to connect to new partners, even in a crisis.

This is definitely a course you want to check out in 2020; it has been a crazy year.

Teachable’s Online Empire Starter Pack Course Bundler

Teachable's Online Empire Starter Pack Course Bundler

Teachable’s Online Empire Starter Pack Course Bundler is a seven-course program made to help you start your online business. It is designed for self-starters and new businesses that want to tap into the digital world and start growing their business.

What do you get in this program?

First, there is a course that takes you from scratch so you can develop your business idea and test to see if there is an audience for you. Next, you can find what you are passionate about and connect this to your entrepreneurial ideas so you can do the business your way. The next four courses are on brainstorming, launching, and marketing strategies for your new business.

You also get access to workshops and webinars on different ideas and aspects on how to succeed in the online world, as well as how to generate leads and create them into paying customers.

Create and Orchestrate

Create and Orchestrate

Create and Orchestrate is a course e-book on how to be an entrepreneur. In this course, you will learn from the successes and failures of other entrepreneurs so you can learn what pitfalls to avoid, as well as find strategies that work well.

You learn how to become productive, learn about the different types of venture capitalists, and ideas on how to start a side hustle before fully committing to the project. There are also ideas on how to discover the four financial concepts you need to be aware of as an entrepreneur.

There are also tips on becoming a better communicator, accepting negative feedback, and becoming a leader. All in all, it is an e-book worth reading if you wish to start your business.


Here we have listed seven online courses that will teach you some useful things about the digital world and how to succeed as an entrepreneur in an online world. The great thing about this is that these courses are free, and they provide you with some beneficial information about online businesses.

We hope you will give these courses a chance and learn how to be successful.

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