4 Mobile Marketing Strategies for 2021

July 07, 2021 by Patricia Bennett

Without marketing, your business wouldn’t be able to go far, but it’s not enough to use any marketing strategy. As times change and new trends take over, marketers also need to change and adapt if they want their business to succeed. And one of the biggest trends in marketing currently is mobile marketing.

Seeing as how there are over six billion smartphone users in the world, this isn’t surprising. Modern marketers see the importance of mobile marketing; however, this is a new concept for many people, and most don’t even know where to start.

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Social Media

Most people who own a smartphone use their device to access social media. There are 4.33 billion social media users worldwide, and no matter what your target demographic is, you can be sure that they’re using at least one social media platform.

Social Media

This is why most businesses use social media as their main mobile marketing strategy. When you have an online presence on multiple platforms, you can easily connect with your customers, build brand recognition, and get new customers through recommendations and referrals.

The best way to gain recognition for your business on social media is to create a combination of organic posts and use social media advertising. You can create Facebook ads, Instagram shoppable posts, and promoted tweets on Twitter for a relatively small investment. But the biggest benefit of social media is that it allows your team to directly communicate with customers via direct messages or DMs.

If you want to make sure you’re always available to your customers on a popular platform such as Instagram, you should try using Instagram API. This tool will give you a single view of all of your channels and automate repetitive tasks with features such as quick and automatic replies and no-code chatbots.

Mobile App

Since its creation, the mobile app industry has been extremely popular, and that popularity only rises every year. And unlike the ‘old days’ when apps were nothing but mobile games, now you can find apps for almost anything, and that includes businesses.

Many modern companies choose to create their own mobile app because that opens a lot of different marketing opportunities.

When you offer a specialized and dedicated app to customers, you will make their shopping experience much more convenient and easier.

Most businesses offer discount codes and special offers to incentivize people to download the app, and they send push notifications so they can always reach their customers.

Some businesses don’t have an app despite all of the benefits it offers just because they believe it would cost them too much money. But if you learn how to create a mobile app, you can create a dedicated application that works well and doesn’t break the bank.

Responsive Website Design

It’s essential to distinguish between a mobile-friendly website and one that is fully optimized for mobile users. A mobile-friendly website will load on a mobile device, but one that is optimized for mobile users will offer a seamless experience.

Responsive Website Design

Mobile accounts for approximately half of the web traffic worldwide, and if you don’t optimize your website, you will undoubtedly lose many customers. This is especially true if you use your website to sell your products.

Mobile-optimized websites need to be just as easy to use as their desktop versions and have the following features:

  • Simple navigation that can easily accommodate smaller and bigger screens without sacrificing the quality of the content.
  • Fast-loading images and videos that don’t sacrifice quality. If you can’t include high-quality and clear images and videos, don’t include them at all.
  • A straightforward checkout process with as few steps as possible and mobile payment solutions.
  • Responsive fields and buttons that are big enough for customers to tap on them.

Another bonus is that Google ranks mobile-optimized websites much higher on their list, so mobile optimization is a great bonus SEO strategy.

Of course, this isn’t enough for good search engine optimization, and if you’re looking to improve your rankings, you need to follow a detailed SEO checklist.

Voice Search Optimization

In the past couple of years, smart devices with voice capabilities such as Amazon Alexa have found their way into many homes and are regularly used by people for online shopping.

Since most people still use their phones and desktops for online shopping, not many businesses have voice search optimization at the top of their priority list. Voice search is already fairly popular, but it will undoubtedly become huge in the next couple of years.

Voice Search Optimization

Times are changing, and if you want to stay ahead of your competitors and profit from this trend before it truly explodes, you need to find a way to drive voice search traffic back to your website. And one very important thing you need to remember is that voice search optimization is different from any other.

When people use voice search, they speak very differently than they do when they type something out. Voice search users tend to use more natural phrases and long-tail keywords. If you want to optimize your website for these searchers, your content has to match the phrases they usually use.

Final Thoughts

The mobile revolution is here, and you can either ignore it or benefit from it. More and more businesses are getting into mobile marketing because of all of the potential it offers. And if you want to increase your sales, you’ll do it if you follow the mobile marketing strategies you just read about.

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