MilesWeb: The Best Host for Spending as Little as Possible

June 20, 2021 by Patricia Bennett

The web hosting industry is one of the most competitive business arenas, with thousands of companies competing for supremacy. MilesWeb has profoundly established itself as one of the trusted names in recent years.

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Public opinion aside, MilesWeb is one of those providers that offer cheap hosting services for small and medium enterprises. You can infer that with just a glance if you look at their prices and the technology they use for their hosting service.

MilesWeb Review

It is a common conception that providers offering services at low prices compromise quality and customer satisfaction. Although the thinking is not entirely false, there are always exceptions.

This review report will cover all the prominent aspects of the hosting services that MilesWeb provides. The main idea is to decipher if these services are somehow lacking in quality or fail to fulfill users’ requirements. The information that you will read in this article is genuinely compiled after thorough research. You are free to cross-check it with any reference.

So without further adieu, let’s begin!

MilesWeb India’s #1 Cheap Hosting Provider


India is counted among the most competitive market in the world for the hosting service industry. The meteoric rise of MilesWeb as one of India’s best providers is a legend in itself. The company specializes in providing cost-efficient internet hosting solutions for businesses.

The reviews about their quality standards and customer satisfaction that many users have shared on many platforms make a statement of MilesWeb being an excellent service provider.

Some of the salient features of MilesWeb’s hosting services:

Advanced Hosting Technology

MilesWeb boasts of some of the most advanced hosting servers. The components of the server machines assure high-speed performance and the best hosting environment.

100%SSD: The memory storage consists of Solid-State or SSD disk drives. These memory storage units are the fastest disk drives, with 200% better performance potential than regular disk drives.

Intel-powered Processors: MilesWeb uses Intel’s high-tech core processors to power its hosting servers. The other processing abilities of the hosting are also quite impressive with the allocation of decent RAM.

Latest Software Technology: The hosting comes with the latest software mechanisms like Cloudflare CDN, Firewalls, RAID, etc. It optimizes the overall performance capabilities and creates a powerful hosting platform for any website.

Diligent Customer Support

The award-winning technical support of MilesWeb has been instrumental in enhancing its image as a customer-friendly service provider. Over the years, MilesWeb has capitalized on the efforts of its technical support department. It has helped them to gain the trust of the clients.

As a top hosting company, MilesWeb offers 24/7 technical support via chat, email, and tickets.

The support team is supposedly an in-house department as they are all well-informed about the hosting policies and offer accurate solutions to your queries. The level of training and competency of the support executives reflects their experience and knowledge about hosting.

Customer Support

However, the most appealing thing about MilesWeb support is its availability. Aside from the fact that it is open on all days of the year, there are no queues or long waiting periods. You can get hold of a customer executive to seek solutions to your hosting queries and resolve the issues.


Many accomplished hosting companies have managed to retain their clients and attract more customers by offering many addons for no extra charges. It is an incentive-based business strategy that allows customers to save money on essential products that complement hosting websites.

Free Setup: The server setup for the hosting of your website on MilesWeb is free of charge. There are absolutely no hidden charges or additional fees aside from the prescribed subscription amount of your service plan to set up your hosting.

Free SSL Certification: MilesWeb offers free SSL certification for your websites using its hosting services. You can save a lot of money as the certification authorities charge registration fees to provide SSL certificates. MilesWeb gives free SSL certifications for all plans of its hosting services except VPS and dedicated hosting.

Free Domain: The users of MilesWeb’s shared hosting services can register a domain name for free if you buy a subscription for 1 or 3 years of their Swift/Turbo plans.

Free Migration: MilesWeb does not charge users that migrate their hosting from other providers. In fact, their support team will actively take care of re-uploading your website to MilesWeb’s server. You do not have to pay any service charges or migration fees.

30-day Money Back Guarantee

It is a standard guarantee that only the top hosting providers offer. The customers can claim a full refund in the first thirty days if they find the hosting service unsatisfactory. It shows the confidence MilesWeb places in the quality standards of its hosting services.

Instant Account Activation

MilesWeb prepares the server to host your website when your payment is confirmed, unlike many hosting providers with waiting periods and take their sweet time to confirm details. With immediate provisioning, you can take your website live without having to keep it on hold.

Global Presence

MilesWeb has grown beyond the Indian hosting market and serves clients all over the world. Not only that, it offers a choice of location for its datacenters to its shared, WordPress, and reseller hosting clients. The clients can freely select any global location of MilesWeb’s data center to get a convenient server to better the reach of their audience.

Moving further, here is an overview of their hosting services.

MilesWeb Shared Hosting

The most generic service of any hosting provider, shared hosting, is the most popular product of MilesWeb. Apart from it being a cheap hosting service, it is a perfect platform to launch new websites.


  • Unlimited Hosting: MilesWeb offers close to unlimited resources for SSD disk space, email accounts, databases, and bandwidth with its Swift and Turbo plans. Users of the Tyro plan can avail themselves of unlimited bandwidth. It allows websites to cater to a huge volume of web traffic.
  • 95% Uptime: With its shared hosting, MilesWeb assures a 99.95% uptime guarantee. The uptime is among the highest in the industry and makes the hosting service the most reliable platform for your websites.
  • One Free Domain: Users get a free .com domain for the first year of their sign-up with the one or three-year subscription to Swift/Turbo
  • Heavy Discount: Currently, MilesWeb is offering humongous discounts on its shared hosting plans. The discounts range between 75-80% depending on the service location and are available only on the 3-year subscription of their shared hosting plans.

MilesWeb Shared Hosting

WordPress Hosting

A variant of shared hosting, WordPress is a value-added service exclusive to WordPress users. Owing to its growing popularity, MilesWeb has focused on enhancing the user experience with this service.


  • Fully Managed Hosting: MilesWeb will take over the maintenance routines, system configurations, and other technical aspects of your WordPress hosting. You can completely overlook the management of hosting and instead focus solely on enhancing your website.
  • Automatic Updates: The hosting comes with a software application that automatically installs and applies WordPress upgrades. A technical team will oversee the plugins and actively search for their updates.
  • Expert Opinion: Users can ask for the opinion of the technical support for their WordPress application. The technical team will even recommend appropriate themes and plugins to optimize your website’s functioning and user interface.
  • Low Pricing: Despite the added features, WordPress hosting and shared hosting have synonymous pricing. MilesWeb does not charge additional maintenance or management fees for WordPress hosting.

Final Verdict

MilesWeb is a cheap hosting service with decent features. The discounts on the service plans are applicable only on the three-year subscription. But if you take the overall costs into account, MilesWeb still surpasses many top hosting providers in terms of service quality for money.

MilesWeb WordPress Hosting Plans


The WordPress hosting service is an enhanced version of the cheap shared hosting service. It is an ideal service for novice WordPress users who have little or no clue about web hosting. The fact that it is limited to WordPress users makes the service utterly useless for developer clients. If you intend to host a WordPress site, I recommend you go for WordPress hosting instead of shared hosting.

VPS Hosting (Self-Managed)

Virtual Private Server is a next-level and affordable hosting service for medium to large-scale eCommerce websites. It offers performance akin to dedicated hosting at much lesser costs. MilesWeb has designed service plans to deliver perfect VPS hosting for business websites with heavy traffic.


  • Root Access: Users of self-managed VPS hosting get shell access to their hosting server. It grants them administrative authority over their hosting platform. It is perfect for developers or individuals who want to customize and configure the server. They can make their server more compatible with their websites and not the other way round.
  • Cloud-based Hosting: MilesWeb has devised the VPS hosting with cloud infrastructure. It enhances the overall capabilities of the hosting platform like uptimes, processing speeds, memory storage, etc. The experience is very similar to the cloud hosting environment.
  • Enterprise-Grade: MilesWeb claims their server machines for VPS hosting use advanced high-tech like SSD storage, Intel Xeon Processors, and 128GB of RAM per server. These system components are more than enough to host a heavy web application or a high-traffic website.

MilesWeb Shared Hosting



As a hosting provider, MilesWeb has managed to induct ideal technical capabilities for VPS hosting. The machine hardware and technical specifications are more than qualified to host large business websites. It is notable how MilesWeb has kept the pricing so low despite that. You can certainly get better and more powerful hosting if you are willing to spend more, but MilesWeb’s VPS hosting is the best for its price range.

VPS Hosting (Managed)

The managed VPS hosting service of MilesWeb is a value-added product meant for newbies or users that cannot afford to spend time or resources to look after the hosting. MilesWeb has 2 variants for their VPS hosting plans: Windows VPS & Linux VPS.


  • Active management: MilesWeb will take over the maintenance duties, system configurations, and other technical aspects of VPS hosting. They will actively monitor the resource consumption and bandwidth to optimize the system. It allows your website to function at its best without you lifting a finger to adjust the hosting.
  • Automatic Updates: MilesWeb also takes care of the system updates. They are continuously looking for new upgrades for the system software and install them. The web applications and other software components should be up-to-date if you expect your website to run optimally.
  • Unlimited Support: MilesWeb assures users the best customer support. However, users of managed VPS hosting get much more than just customer support. With managed VPS, a team of experts is assigned to the client to answer and assist them in whatever issues they have with the hosting. The assistance is 24/7 and prioritized for the managed VPS users.




Managed VPS hosting is way costlier than its self-managed counterparts. The reason is simple, managing VPS hosting is a task that only an expert should undertake. It requires technical expertise, vigilance, and a lot of experience. So if you intend to buy self-managed VPS instead of managed for hosting your websites, I suggest you hire an in-house expert or make enough time to do it yourself if you are capable enough.

Reseller Hosting

The reseller hosting by MilesWeb is a standard white-labeled hosting service that allows clients to resell hosting as their own. MilesWeb markets its reseller hosting for business startups or entrepreneurs who wish to build a brand for hosting services.


  • Fully Managed Hosting: MilesWeb will take over the maintenance routines, system configurations, and other technical aspects of your reseller hosting. They also oversee server monitoring, optimization, fixing your client issues, backups, and free website migration so you can focus more on the business expansion.
  • WHM: WHM is a powerful hosting management tool that allows users to manage multiple cPanel accounts. You can easily monitor the client activity and assign or deactivate the cPanel accounts of your clients.
  • Free Addons: If you are running a business, you can always make more money for products or services by selling them under your terms. You can put on a price tag for hosting add-ons like SSL certificates, backups, SpamExperts, VPS hosting, Dedicated hosting, Domain registration, WHO IS ID protection, etc. It will help you increase your profit margins.

MilesWeb Reseller Hosting


Aside from the fact that the hosting is 100% white-labeled, the software and hardware components of the hosting make it an ideal service. You can also do profitable business by selling the free add-ons under your name. Not to mention it is the best reseller hosting for its price range.

Cloud Hosting

MilesWeb offers managed and self-managed cloud hosting services at impressive prices. It is one of the few hosting companies in India that offers full-fledged cloud hosting services on its servers.


  • Fully Managed Hosting: MilesWeb will take over the maintenance and attend to other technical aspects of your cloud hosting. The technical team that oversees the hosting will do resource monitoring, optimization, fix technical issues, backups, and free website migration.
  • Powerful Servers: MilesWeb assures the best hardware built for optimizing the performance of the websites and web applications. The servers have built-in Intel Xeon Processors and super-fast SSD drives to handle heavy software applications and data storage.
  • Resource Monitoring Dashboard: Cloud computing works on the scalability of resources. MilesWeb provides its cloud users an interface that allows them to keep track of the resource consumption of their websites. Users also have root access that allows them to scale these resources and make configurations to hosting as per their wish.

MilesWeb Cloud Hosting


Although the cloud hosting has a flexible billing system, MilesWeb sells its managed cloud hosting at fixed subscription prices. I didn’t bother about their self-managed cloud hosting as it is the same as their self-managed VPS hosting. The service itself is affordable considering the technical specification and, you also get a dedicated IP for your websites. Frankly, there are cloud hosting providers that can compete evenly with MilesWeb if you consider the costs.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is the costliest of all services that MilesWeb can offer. The service plans for the dedicated hosting are carefully designed to meet any requirements the users may present.


  • Powerful Server Machines: MilesWeb’s dedicated servers have standard-issue hardware from leading technology companies like Dell, HP, and Supermicro for enterprise-grade service. The dedicated servers have powerful Intel Xeon Processor(s) and ultra-fast SAS memory storage.
  • No Contract: You can terminate your dedicated hosting anytime you want. MilesWeb will charge no penalties or cancellation fees as there is no contract.
  • Free Setup: The dedicated server is set up for your hosting, and the technical team from MilesWeb oversees the migration and upload procedures of your website. You do not have to pay any service charges for the setup.
  • Service Level Agreement: MilesWeb guarantees the performance of its dedicated servers. They have a service-level agreement that abides them to guarantee 99.95% uptime for the dedicated hosting services.

MilesWeb Dedicated Hosting


As a hosting provider, MilesWeb sure delivers awesome dedicated hosting at cheap rates. If you look at their service plans, you can notice that they have given fair pricing for their dedicated servers. You can freely adjust your server requirements by upgrading your plans accordingly. As there is no binding contract, you can terminate the hosting anytime and save yourself from spending recklessly over unnecessarily extravagant services. The only drawback is, the location of the dedicated server would be India. It won’t work unless your target population is somewhere else.

To Sum it Up

MilesWeb is a wholesome hosting provider that offers almost all hosting services under a single name. They have kept true to their appearances by offering quality web hosting services that are the best for their price range. I am not saying they are the best overall, but you should be prepared to compromise for low-cost hosting. Although with MilesWeb, there is very little chance you will regret doing so.

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