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November 09, 2023 by Adnan

Posters are in the marketing Hall of Fame, there’s just no doubt about it. From the spectacular mix of graphics and visuals that they boast to the ease and convenience of carrying them around to their cost-effectiveness and penchant for high ROI, posters are not to be overlooked when marketing just about anything! 

And the crux of poster marketing lies in design. Getting the graphics, colors, and fonts right is no small deal, and not everyone is a master at churning out a great poster. Behold, PosterMyWall’s poster maker – making poster marketing easy and achievable for everyone! With a platform that’s so easy to use – beginner or pro alike – and endless resources to choose from, PosterMyWall makes the design process fun and effective, leaving you with stunning posters by the end of it!

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So, without further ado, here’s how you can design a poster on PosterMyWall for your next marketing campaign:

  • Choose a Template

First things first, it’s time to choose a template. Simply head onto the PosterMyWall website and explore their wide range of flyer templates, selecting one that catches your eye. Since the platform is completely free, you don’t need to worry about paying any charges for your poster template – making your decision stress-free and authentic. 

Moreover, if you can’t seem to find a template that fits the bill – although there are dozens to choose from – then you should keep in mind that all of PosterMyWall’s templates are fully customizable, meaning that you can change the colors, fonts, and even placements all with a few clicks. So the goal is to choose a template that you like the look of – the rest can be adjusted with your creativity! 

  • Select a Color Theme

Colors speak to us before words do. In fact, our brains are conditioned to associate certain colors with certain meanings and emotions – red means either danger or love, yellow hints towards warmth and happiness, blue means purity and calm, green is for nature and sustainability, and so on. 

And no matter the color of your chosen template, you can make customizations to create your own color scheme altogether. If you’re not someone who’s naturally gifted with the marvels of color coordination, then all you have to do is read up a little on color theory and associations. Apply that knowledge to the subject of your poster and voila! You’ll have your new and fitting color scheme right in front of you. And the best part is that doing all this only takes a couple of minutes – perfect for the busy lifestyle of today! 

  • Think about the Fonts

How you write is just as important as what you write – yes, this means fonts! While your selected template will already come equipped with a variety of fonts used on the design, you can easily change these if they are not to your liking. 

Simply head onto the text tab, choose whether you want simple or fancy fonts, and then browse the selection available. A clever way to elevate your poster design is to utilize a mix of fonts rather than sticking to just one. You might be surprised, but choosing a font isn’t just about what looks pretty – different fonts can mean different things! 

Of the five mainstream font types – serif, sans serif, script, monospaced, and display – the former two are usually restricted to body copy and headlines, whereas script and display are assigned to headlines only. If you’re not sure about what font types to choose, then you can remember two simple rules to go by – your font should be easily readable and your font choices should complement one another and the overall poster design. 

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  • Don’t forget the Visuals 

A poster is nothing without the right visuals – GIFs, pictures, and even short videos, today’s posters have been revolutionized thanks to digital options! And PosterMyWall’s poster maker lets you play around as much as you want. Simply head to the photo tab and select an image from the hundreds of stock photos available or upload one of your own. 

Once your image is on the poster, you can position it to fit your design and that’s your customized poster complete. With the perfect mix of visuals, text, and placement, your poster will attract hundreds!

So, if you’re looking to design a poster on PosterMyWall, then this easy 4-step formula is what you need to succeed. Just don’t be afraid to make edits and adjustments according to your own poster purposes!

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