Digital Pathfinding: How Marketing Students Can Use Google Maps to Their Advantage

November 11, 2021 by Patricia Bennett

While most of us know Google Maps as a tool for finding anything on a map and identifying a path to a specific place, it has long become something much more than that. In the modern world, it is not only just another pathfinder but actually a powerful business tool.

Marketers have long discovered the opportunities offered by this tool.

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What Is Google Maps Marketing?

As this tool is gaining more and more popularity in the business landscape, it becomes vital for young generations of specialists to study it.

Google Maps

Of course, marketing students already have plenty of academic issues. Every day they are facing new, complex concepts, not to mention a huge load of academic assignments they have to complete. However, students who major in this subject have to stay ahead of trends more than anyone else despite the intensive load. Thus, whether you have Google Maps included in your curriculum or not, you really have to take time to study it.

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Let’s start with the definition. The concept of Google Maps marketing is rather simple. It implies using this tool’s functionality to make a brand easier to find. By saying this, we mean making it easy to find on a map. At the same time, if used right, this form of marketing can positively affect a business’s positioning in search engines. Thus, it is a crucial part of a digital marketing strategy.

Why Should Students Study Google Maps Marketing in College?

Now that you know what it is, you probably wonder why you should even bother to study Google Maps marketing while you are still at college. Though it is natural to have such concerns, we have to say that there are some quite weighty reasons to do this.

Let’s look at the key ones.

Expanding Knowledge and Skills

Professional knowledge and skills are the two major assets for a specialist in literally any industry. Respectively, the broader your knowledge and skills are, the more in-demand you will be as a specialist.

Google Maps marketing

By providing this knowledge in colleges, we can help students expand their skills and professional expertise. And, if you engage in self-learning this topic while still being a student, you can get the same benefits.

More Options for Research Work

When students are assigned to do research work, case study, dissertation, or any other big academic work that requires thorough research and, often, includes a practical part of the task, the biggest question is always what topic to choose.

The marketing sphere is so huge that it seems like there shouldn’t be any problems with finding a suitable topic. But, in reality, this choice still feels challenging. However, thanks to current trends like Google Maps, students have more ideas for their research work. Such topics are relevant, valuable, and, at the same time, interesting to investigate. So, one more way you can benefit is by using this tool for your research and practical assignments.

Offering Current Career Opportunities

Another way how marketing students can use Google Maps to their advantage is by creating current career opportunities. There is no secret that many students are willing to get a job to make money for a living while still being at college. But, the issue is that not every employer will be willing to hire a young specialist to do some serious scope of work, especially if we are talking about marketing.

However, if you specialize in something more narrow-focused, such as Google Maps marketing, you should have more opportunities to get employed right now.

If you master this tool, you can use it to help businesses leverage it to their benefit. This way, you can work as a freelancer or a part-time employee. In any case, it will be a good competitive advantage and a chance to gain some actual work experience before you graduate.

Google Maps marketing

Launching Your Own Business

This next advantage may not be as obvious as others. However, speaking of the ways to benefit from Google Maps as a marketing student, we can’t avoid mentioning that it can help you create and grow your own brand.

Many students are thinking about creating a startup. But, when they decide to do so, they typically face a number of serious issues. These often include the lack of understanding of brand building and the lack of resources.

Now, if you master such free (or nearly free) marketing tools as Google Maps, you can start using them for promoting your own business. And, who knows, maybe you will grow your own successful company even before you graduate.

Preparing for Future Careers

Probably, the most obvious reason to start learning trending marketing tools like Google Maps is to prepare for your future career.

Since it is widely used by businesses across all industries, the chances are that knowledge of this tool will be among the main requirements of your future employers.

And even if it’s not, it will still be your competitive advantage that will show you as a professional with vast expertise.

Staying Aware of Trends

Finally, one more way you can benefit from learning this tool is to stay aware of trends. As a student majoring in this area, you should already know what a broad and ever-changing industry it is. In today’s world, where the competition is extremely tough, the only way for a business to stay afloat is to be able to see trends and adjust to them.

That is, the ability to keep up with trends is one of the keys to success in this job. So, if you start watching and learning trends right now, it will give you a chance to be a great expert in your field.

The Bottom Line

As you now know, Google Maps is already widely recognized as a powerful tool for boosting a brand’s visibility, ranking, and overall trust. These reasons alone should be enough for marketing students to recognize the value of this tool and start mastering it.

Studying the basics of Google Maps marketing is quite important for students planning to work in this industry. By learning it, young specialists can expand their professional knowledge and skills significantly. As a result, this can secure better career perspectives for them. At the same time, it can help them keep up with trends, expand current job opportunities available to them, and even start their own successful business.

So, if you are still hesitating whether you need it or not, just give it a try, and you will feel the benefits!

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