6 Unique Ways to Make Money Online in South Africa

December 02, 2022 by Patricia Bennett

Given the world’s current economic state, everyone is constantly searching for new ways to increase their income.

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As a South African, you can quickly earn online with an internet-enabled device and a strong internet connection.

Making Money Online in South Africa

If you search for effective ways to make money online in South Africa, you are in the right place. We have compiled some practical ways for South Africans to make money online. Read on.

Completing Surveys

Completing paid surveys in South Africa is one of the most effective ways to make money from anywhere. Various survey sites require people to share their thoughts by answering studies online. These platforms are ready to pay their members better for their time. Survey sites complete market research on behalf of businesses or companies.

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Therefore, many surveys revolve around a company and its products. Once you complete a survey, you will receive some rewards. You can either receive a cash payment or exchange these credits for gift cards. So, it’s unsurprising that earning money from online surveys is a popular option in South Africa.

Online Market Trading

This method isn’t an effortless way to earn money online, but it has the potential for better returns. Trading in financial instruments and currencies is profitable. However, it’s one of the money-making tactics that require patience, time, discipline, and dedication.

Forex trading is a skill you must learn and become an expert in. Nowadays, it has become popular, and anyone can start it. Furthermore, you don’t need vast amounts of capital to start. You can start small and keep growing your money.

Review Apps and Websites

This one is another easy option available in South Africa to earn extra money online. Several websites and businesses pay ordinary users to review various apps and websites. You only need to register with such sites, complete a test successfully, and get started. Some of these websites include TryMyUI, UserTesting, and Userfeel.

Start a Blog

Starting a blog is not necessarily easy nor a quick way to make money in SA. However, if your blog becomes popular, you can earn a high income. You will find it more enjoyable if you start blogging about the things you like. This way, people will love and enjoy reading your blog, thus making it more popular. There are a lot of free resources about how to start a blog, as well as multiple free blogging tools.


Once your blog becomes popular, you can monetize it by adding ads. Google Adsense is one of the popular tools to help you do that. Alternatively, you can sell your own items or through affiliate marketing. So, to make more sales consider offering services or products that are more related to your writing.

Join a Focus Group

If you live in SA, participating in focus groups is another effective way to make easy money. After joining a focus group, you’ll be shortlisted if you meet the requirements a brand is looking for.

If you are selected to be a focus group member and complete it, you will receive your payment immediately or days later. In South Africa, focus groups pay well. Actually, some companies pay as much as R2000 for your time. You can either participate in a focus in person, online via webcam, at your home, prearranged venue or telephonically.

Sell Items You Don’t Need Anymore

You can make quick money online by selling items that you hardly or no longer use. It’s a win-win situation since you’ll earn money and have more space in your home. However, before you give the items to the buyer, ensure you receive your money first.

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Furthermore, be careful with individuals paying through EFT; if possible, take cash payments only. Before you upload your items online, include a clear description and be honest. Take clear photos. Nobody wants to try and figure out what it is you are selling.


Making money online in SA is easier than it might appear. So, consider any of these ways discussed to start earning money online. Remember, making money online entails hard work, discipline, and dedication. You can easily make a lot of money using one or a combination of the ways discussed here.

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