How to Set Up an Interesting Blog With Good Articles

March 23, 2018 by Albina Welsh

The blog mantra has been passed over for years now. Everywhere you look encourages you to create a blog.  What these people don’t tell you is that no one will give your blog a second look if it’s downright boring. People hate dull things, especially custom term paper writing, and a boring blog makes it worse.

So, if you thought you are just going to set up a blog and post some content on it and you’re done, you have a very long way to go.

If you are hoping for any success or breakthrough with your blog, you have to make it interesting– brilliant, gripping, compelling, convincing, explosive and even viral. In case you want to take your blog to the next level, then you are solemnly forbidden from being boring.  By interesting, you may quickly think of using some photos and other visual cues to tweak it a little. It’s alright since that’s the most popular way. However, there is one more secret to that- no one ever tells you this, and if they do only one out of a hundred will. Use your content to trap your readers.
Lucky for you, we have some tips and cheats on how you can set up an interesting blog using the content.

Tell a story

Ooh, boy, who hates a good story. It is natural. People are naturally drawn to some good attention-grabbing story.  Not everybody has discovered the power of storytelling and how a well-constructed narrative can be so compelling. And, so that you know, science backs this up. According to scientific studies,  good stories activate the brain. Once the brain hears a story, it triggers neural coupling which helps it to register the ideas being put forward in the story.  So, whether your reader knows it or not, they involuntarily get absorbed in the story.  Eventually, their attitude, behaviors and belief change according to what they have read.

You can even put in some mini stories. These are real-life examples. Nothing inspires people like something that has happened in real life. It gives your blog some experience which makes it interesting.

So, yes, if you have never thought of using a story, it’s time to put your storytelling abilities in practice.

Be wary of the article length

Unless you are being paid per word, you don’t need to fuss about what count. How many words you write don’t matter. What matters is the content your article carries. Most readers measure the interest of the blog according to how they find it helpful. So, if your article is full of fluff rather than answering the readers’ questions, be ready to experience high bounce rates.
In any case, there is a caution to this. Do not use unnecessary words. Keep your article at a reasonable length. Articles that are too short will not quench the readers’ curiosity just as very long articles will discourage readers from reading your blog. To ensure that that doesn’t happen to you, here are nine essential ways to accurately and effectively proofread your blog content.


Break your articles up

How does a full block of words make you feel? Damn, am not going to reading it. That’s exactly what your readers feel like when they see a full block of words. Usually, they will just skim through it and move on to another article, which makes your blog boring. A wall of text is not only impossible to read but also intimidating just to look at, no matter how your content is fascinating, or the ideas you bring forth.

Thus, break your article into skimmable parts. Humans are visual beings. They are attracted by what looks pleasing to the eye. The human brain processes information both spatially and visually, not just textually.

Therefore, tweak up the articles. Use various fonts, kerns, line spacing, catchy headings, short paragraphs and even bullets and numbers. All these add up to interesting.

Be personal but not too personal

One of the things that catch the attention of the reader is personality. Therefore, use your character to communicate. According to research, articles written in the third persona are boring to read. They feel too general, and readers don’t feel like they are being addressed.

Personality speaks to personality. Use first and second person in your articles.  Yes, keep it professional, but do not be too stiff, formal and unbending. Best communication moments happen when you drop formal awkwardness and express yourself as a person. Be a person.

Explore the forbidden

Need to be ridiculously intriguing? Indeed, even popular? Discuss the stuff that nobody else will discuss. You know, those things that are only said in a hush-hush voice, behind closed doors.
There are a couple of things more attractive than a debate. Most open battles have observers. Most open contentions have audience members. Most disputable online journals have readers and analysts.

If you want to intrigue, open the worm jars and talk about the awkward theme. A classy restriction is continuously prescribed, yet you can even now introduce the subject. Only remember, don’t go too far so that you have no turning point.
Explore the forbidden

Choose one genre

Want an interesting blog with useful articles? Why not specialize in one genre? Become a definitive Jedi – the individual on the planet with about otherworldly levels of knowledge on a single subject.  Then, write articles about this topic. Articles which shed light on the topic in a way that no one else has ever done. Deep. Intense.

It doesn’t make a difference if that field is as limited as a human hair, as long as it’s yours. If somebody is occupied with that tiny bit specialty, at that point learn to expect the unexpected. They will come creeping to you, gracious awesome Jedi, for the appropriate responses.

Brilliant individuals are fascinating. Shrewd individuals who can share that brilliance are significant all the more fascinating. On the off chance that you can achieve an abnormal state of learning on a thin point, your blog will turn out to be enchanting.


Setting up a blog is not enough. Neither is using the design tweaks like colors and photos. Good articles also matter a lot. With these few steps be sure to have an exciting blog up and running.

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