How to promote a product even before your site is ready for public

December 12, 2022 by Beatrice Stefanescu

Coming up with ideas for a product launch can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. The entire goal of producing a thing is to sell it. The product has to be showcased to potential customers to be advertised. The biggest obstacle is figuring out how to do this. Social media is one of the key channels marketers and PR firms use to promote their products, but there are other ways of promoting successfully. Here are the top 8 strategies you’ll need to employ for a successful product launch. So grab a pen, and keep reading.

1. Create an exciting coming soon page

I’m sure you’ve heard about coming soon pages before, and they’re a great way to promote new products before the initial launch. You can use them to generate hype and even collect emails to grow your subscriber list in exchange for an early bird discount or something similar.

If you don’t have design experience or simply don’t want to hire a web designer to do this for you. Creating a coming soon page can be pretty simple using a plugin. The web is abundant in plugins that help you with this task.

Most popular coming soon page plugins:

These three plugins come with a handy drag-and-drop builder, an image library, a simple user interface, and a library of super customizable templates. Here are just some examples of templates and themes you can modify to create the best under construction page possible.

New Arrival theme by Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

Smartwatch template by UnderConstructionPage

Freelance theme by WP Maintenance

2. Check out the competition

Analyzing your competitors is the first step in learning how to market. Look at what others in your niche are doing to find out what is effective and what is missing from your marketing plan. But take great caution! Comparing yourself to the competition does not mean doing the exact same thing. Consumers dislike seeing more of the same; they want new and fresh.

To understand how your audience responds to specific advertisements and choose the ideal plan for yourself, you need to study how other business owners promote. Never forget to use attention-grabbing, creative advertising to promote your company.

Promoting a product through pre-launch marketing, including ecommerce product recommendations, allows businesses to build anticipation and gather early customer interest even before their site is fully ready for the public. This strategy can lead to a successful launch with a pre-existing customer base eager to make purchases.

3. Use email marketing

Email continues to be a reliable and affordable means to communicate with your audience, despite the fads that come and go with trendy internet marketing platforms. This year, more than 4 billion individuals will use email, sending an estimated 320 billion emails daily. Additionally, email is the primary channel for marketing messages for over 70% of businesses worldwide.

Building your email list is a prerequisite for email marketing your new product. For subscribers to hear from you, they must opt in. Lead magnets are one strategy for getting potential buyers to join your email list. But another can a coming soon page. As we’ve already mentioned, you can add an invite to your email newsletter in exchange for a discount, something else your customers might find valuable.

4. Share teasers

Marketers face great challenges when spreading the word about a new product or business. Starting a teaser campaign is a great method to get users intrigued. It is a potent instrument that aids in grabbing interest and creating a sense of suspense. Find the platforms that might benefit your product and be active there for this to work. Additionally, if you’ve used email marketing, you can use the data gathered to make this strategy more effective.

5. Come up with a strong slogan and share it everywhere

A slogan is a brief, memorable phrase that can define and help the target audience remember the product you’re promoting. Make sure to create a short and direct slogan, highlighting what you have to offer while still being simple enough for anyone to understand.

To start, think about what describes your product’s distinctive and essential features. Consider phrasing that appeals to people’s wishes and needs. People typically purchase goods to solve a problem or make their lives easier. Create a tagline that emphasizes how the product will solve a particular problem or enrich the lives of those using it.

6. Use your blog

We all adore blogging. 77% of online users read blogs, and Americans spend 3X as much time on blogs as they do on email. Additionally, blogging helps your bottom line. About 67% more leads are generated by businesses that have blogs when compared to those without them.

Starting a blog can result in a more effective product launch in the following ways:

  • Your blog’s material gets found by your target audience.
  • They gain knowledge from your writings, value your blog, and come to rely on your professional judgment.
  • They subscribe to your email list or become your social media followers.
  • You inform them about your goods.
  • They are eager to support you, purchase your new products, and get new knowledge from you.

7. Create branded hashtags

Creating a memorable hashtag will work both online and offline. It will make your product stand out from the competition online and promote conversations about it. Additionally, users can access details about your goods via the hashtag.

When you undertake launch-related events, it operates offline. Promoting a hashtag encourages participants to participate online, share their experiences, and expand the target audience. When creating a branded hashtag, think of something fun or easy to participate in. Some users may ignore it if it’s overly technical and extremely niche.

8. Get in touch with influencers

It’s amazing to get recommendations from individuals you know or even celebrities who have used the same brand/product when you want to make a purchase but aren’t sure which brand or product to pick.

Digital influencers can be excellent allies in marketing a product in the digital market. This is because they can tell their social media followers about your brand. Make an effort to contact influencers and discover opportunities for them to advertise your goods. Just make sure the influencer you choose to connect with fits your niche.

Final Thoughts

Once you find your groove, you’ll soon be well on your way to a string of fruitful launch days and consistent sales. This could take some trial and error, but nothing worth doing is easy, so keep persisting. Enjoy your launch!

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