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October 17, 2019 by Vladana Donevski

If you are trying to establish your presence online and raise awareness of what you do, you already know that your website is a crucial aspect of making it happen. What are the crucial aspects of a great website, though? An awesome design? Good content? Hosting.

You have probably already selected your hosting, domain name, and everything else that comes with creating your website in the first place. Still, are you sure those were the right choices?

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What is the difference?

There are many reasons why a good hosting provider is much more than its price. Having a good hosting provider means that they can take care of the speed of your site, for example, which is fundamental in the era of 3-seconds rule. The speed won’t matter, though if your website is experiencing more downtime than uptime – which is also another important metric to check when searching for the right web host. Last and most important of the three is the security of your site, which the right web host should be able to help with.

While these three are mandatory and you should spend some time doing research, there are other things to take into consideration. How long have they been on the market? Is their team experienced and reliable in case you need help? Is there a fine print when it comes to the prices?

Let us present you with a web host that checks all the boxes mentioned above, and has much more to give in their offer. It’s called Hostens, and the team behind the cute hamster can take care of all of your hosting, domain, and security needs.

What is Hostens?

Hostens is a web host that you should consider to handle your hosting needs. This Lithuanian team has been on the market for several years now, providing its users with everything they need for a working, fast, and secure website. Their users do not spare words when praising their experience and the quality of support they got with Hostens. If you decide to go with them, you probably won’t either.

Hostens Hero

Without further ado, let’s check what this hamster has hidden in its cheeks.

Hosting options

Hostens provides three different hosting options, each one of them useful for a different purpose. Regardless of whether you are looking for a sharing hosting option to host your small site, need something more dedicated as VPS hosting, or looking to become a hosting reseller, they’ve got you covered.

Before we get into more detail of each of the hosting options – and trust us, we will provide you with all the necessary information to help you see why you should pick this hosting over any other, let’s discuss a bit some basics.

First and probably the biggest advantage of going with Hostens when it comes to your hosting needs is the fact that their whole infrastructure is very reliable. Namely, it is in the cloud but set up on enterprise-level hardware. This means that there will be no “hardware issues” that can bring your site down, which is something you can often experience with other hosting providers.

Wait – there’s more!


The next goodie on the list is rather appreciated: the price. The price for each of the hosting options is rather affordable – starting from $1.99 for shared hosting. They also have an interesting promotion that is worth noting: 90% off for the first month, which can boil down to around $1 per month. The best part? They are proud of their transparency when it comes to their pricing – meaning that there is no fine lettering or unexpected additional costs at the end of the month!

Two other things to get your attention are a group of domains available to you, free of charge, per each plan (.online, .store, .website, .tech, or .site). If you are thinking of starting a whole new website, this is something worth considering, as a good domain name is an important aspect of your brand, and you shouldn’t settle for anything less. On the same note, each of the plans come with a free website builder you can use to create your website in the first place.

We will discuss its glorious details a bit later on. Let’s get started with the first hosting plan, shall we?

Shared Hosting

Blogs, portfolios, and other small websites usually go with shared hosting. While you might not feel comfortable sharing a space, there are numerous benefits to this option. First of all, it is much cheaper than any other option available out there, and if you are just getting started with your online presence, you might want to save a couple of bucks. While this is not recommended, with Hostens, you are in safe hands, and shared hosting is as safe as any other option.

Hostens’ Shared Hosting is CMS Optimized

It is no secret – most of the blogs, portfolios, and other small websites go with shared hosting. This is why Hostens made sure that their shared hosting is CMS Optimized so that it can be the perfect match for any WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal websites.

CMS Optimized

The Uptime

We’ve already covered how important the uptime is, and you can sleep tight if you choose Hostens for the task. They can promise you a 99.95% uptime, and it is rather incredible that they can live up to it!

Quick and easy to install

If you don’t want to be messing around with your hosting too much, and you are looking for a way to set it up in no time, then you can rely on the cPanel, together with Installatron tool to install your CMS or scripts in no time.


As mentioned before, Hostens pricing is rather affordable, and there are no hidden costs. Check it out in the screenshot below!

Shared Hosting Pricing

VPS Hosting

If you feel that you need more from your web host, than you can rely on Hostens VPS Hosting. This option is perfect for those that need more space, for websites that have a lot more traffic, or for those who need Windows servers, or another control panel in the back.

OpenVZ/KVM Virtualization with Hostens

You might know that these two are important, but you are trying to figure out the difference? It’s simple; if you want to run both Windows and OS side by side, you need KVM. It will put a bit more strain on the host, unlike OpenVZ, which is container-based. Either way, both of these add up to stability, and it is only a matter of your needs and preference.

OS Templates Ready-to-Use

If you are opting for VPS hosting, you have to ensure that your web host can match your OS Requirements. With Hostens, you can select Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, Debian, OpenSUSE, Webmin, VestaCP, ISPConfig, ownCloud. Overall, that is quite an amount of options to choose from, and we’re sure one of them will be the perfect match for your project.

No-fuss Upgrades

If you underestimated your website, and the hosting package of your choice turns out to be one-size-to-small, there is still no need to worry. With Hostens, you are offered an incredible amount of flexibility. Upgrading to a better plan will not result in any complications, as it requires no restart or other setbacks.


Again, the pricing is another bonus to it all, as here, too, is very affordable. Check the screenshot to see what we are talking about!

VPS Pricing

Reseller Hosting

You might want to become a hosting reseller. Yes, Hostens has that option, as well. For reseller hosting, all of the benefits mentioned above stand – great infrastructure, excellent support team behind it, and transparent pricing. All you have to do is find your first customers, and the team will handle the rest.


Reseller hosting is an opportunity to look into if you are a developer or an agency, or anyone who is managing multiple sites. Hostens’ Reseller option will provide you with the full control of resources, their distribution, or the number of users you create so that you can perform to the fullest and make your clients happy.

Reseller hosting

Website Builder

Now, to the fun part. The awesome Website Builder that comes with each of the hosting plans can be the perfect next step for non-developers. So, for anyone looking to create their own site, Hostens is actually the place to go. You can get the astonishing yet cheap hosting, great domain, and you can also create a website without typing a single line of code! Let’s check out the great features of this amazing Website Builder.


This drag and drop builder is a perfect choice for creating your website, even if you haven’t created one before, ever. The process is extremely straightforward, with a simple to learn drag and drop builder. Use one of the 200 templates, and simply drag and drop the elements that you want and need, and you are good to go. There is also an incredible demo to check out if you need more help with it!

Hostens Demo

Are you selling a product?

Don’t worry, Hostens is aware that not everyone is looking to start a blog. There are those who need an eCommerce store, too! Luckily, their Website Builder comes with plenty of eCommerce features that you can use to create the perfect online store.


Want to hit international markets with your product, and you are considering a multi-language site? You can create one with this amazing Website Builder in no time, and again, without a single line of code.

Mobile Responsive

Of course, another important metric to keep in mind when creating your website is that it must be optimized for mobile devices, aka responsive. With most of the traffic coming from mobile devices these days, it is great that Hostens’ Website Builder can take care of that for you. You just worry about its looks, and the builder will take care of responsiveness.

mobile responsive


Domains matter, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Picking a great domain that represents your brand and, most importantly, is memorable will remove Google as the middleman. With people typing your domain into their address bar, the traffic dedicated to you will not go to the other websites that might appear in Google search results.


We’ve already mentioned that with Hostens, you can take advantage of .online, .store, .website, .tech, or .site for free, if you sign up for their yearly hosting plans. However, there are more domain options from where those came from.

Once you figure out your perfect domain name, you can go ahead and register it at Hostens. Mind you, Hostens offers 13 different domain options, some of them listed in the screenshot below. In other words, they’ve got you covered for your domain needs!



Cybersecurity has been the talk of the day for quite some time now, and in 2019, keeping yourself and your site secured is a must. If you are not keeping your site secure, you are not only a threat to yourself and your business (data breach lawsuit, maybe?), but you can also become a threat to other websites as well. If you are certain it won’t happen to you, think twice – all it takes is one hacker. Its definitely always better to be safe than sorry, anyways.

Hostens can help set you up when it comes to security, with its top-level SSL certificates, Virtual Private Networks, and Spam Filters. Let’s get into more details.

SSL Certificates

The first and basic security step you could take is adding an SSL certificate to your site. It might not seem like much, but having that extra s in your URL comes handy in many ways. First is that you will gain much more credibility with your visitors and users because they are more likely to leave their billing information if they see that your site is secured.

On the other side, these certificates prevent anyone from eavesdropping, too. Just by adding these, you can rest assured that there is no third party listening to the conversation between your customers.

Features of SSL

Luckily for you, while you are taking care of your hosting and domain needs with Hostens, you can also get the SSL certificate while you are at it. Let’s see why Hostens’ SSL certificates should be your pick. The hosting is providing you with the certificate, but we are recommending you using WP Force SSL plugin for your website, because, besides providing you with an SSL Certificate it also helps you deal with mixed content, content scan, and others. Read more about WP Force SSL and install it right away.

Strongest encryption available

While there are other encryptions available, if you are searching for the best (which is also considered best practice), you should go with the 256-bit encryption. Surprise, surprise, it is the only SSL certificate available with Hostens.

Browser Compatibility

When choosing your SSL certificate provider, another thing you should pay attention to is the SSL Certificate’s compatibility with browsers. Hostens promises that its certificates are almost 100% compatible with all the browsers out there.


Just like hosting and domains, the prices this team offers are much more affordable than with other certificate issuers.

SSL Certificate prices

Spam Filter

Spam emails are most welcome, aren’t they? Just kidding, if we couldn’t see another spam email in our lifetime, we couldn’t be happier. Even the hamster agrees. These aren’t only annoying – no. The truth is, these emails could contain numerous viruses that can do serious harm.

So, to cut a long story short, you need a spam filter. Yes, it exists, and yes, Hostens offers one.

Spam Filter


Hostens takes advantage of numerous filters that go through your inbox and quarantine the harmful and unwanted ones on its own – no need for you to lift a finger. On the same note, it keeps learning and finding new spam patterns, and protects you without you thinking about it.

Virus Scan

Have you heard of SpamExperts? Well, Hostens has paired with them to keep their scanning feature (the one that searches for viruses) continuously updated, and you safe at all times.

Want to DIY it?

You can. Hostens’ Spam Filter can give over the reigns to you. All the options will be available, and you can change and edit them as you see fit if you would like a hands-on approach to this issue.

Virtual Private Network

VPN is not a new kid on the block, and anyone even remotely aware of cybersecurity is probably using one. Why? Because there is nothing simpler for a hacker than to gain access to a public network – and we’re sure you have connected to at least one or two in the last couple of days. Coffee shops, airports, restaurants, and any other “free WiFi” spot can come with a heavy price.

VPN Pricing

If you don’t have one, then turn to Hostens to get one. First of all, the setup is rather simple, and you can start using it as soon as you pay for it. You can take advantage of one of many tutorials available on setting it up.

Why chose Hostens’ VPN? It uses two different protocols to ensure your safety (OpenVPN and L2TP), each of their servers has at least 1GB port speed, and they have servers on three different continents, so you will be safe on the go as well. Don’t forget to VPN test Hosten before subscribing to a 3-year subscription.

Overall conclusion

To sum it up, you can take care of all your hosting, domain, and security needs within a single site at Hostens. You can rely on their Shared Hosting for your blog, or use their VPN to keep you safe while you are watching all those cute hamster videos at the airport. Pick an excellent domain name, and add the needed SSL certificate to your site. Reseller Hosting provides you with an excellent business opportunity, or you can go ahead and create your own e-Commerce site with the amazing Website Builder.

Whatever you need for your site, the team behind this hamster can provide you with it, and support you throughout. With remarkably affordable prices for some “high-quality stuff,” Hostens could be your one-stop-shop for every new website project!

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