Why Google Sheets Are Important for College Students

April 26, 2021 by Patricia Bennett

Google Sheet is a super convenient tool for gathering and processing large amounts of information online. It is also a potent tool that most people compare with Microsoft Excel. However, unlike its primary competitor, Google Sheets is 100% free for all users.

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All you need to start working with this tool is access to the Internet and a Google account. However, even if you don’t have a reliable Internet connection, you can still edit your documents offline. Once you connect your computer to a hotspot, your file will be uploaded to a cloud automatically. All Google Sheets are stored online. It makes them easy to store, share, and access from different devices.


One of the primary benefits of Google Sheets is the great compatibility of this tool. It works in most browsers on different computers and smartphones. Anyone can open and view it with no restrictions and limitations, even if they don’t have a Google Account. Anyway, many desktops and smartphones help open and work with sheets on different platforms, including Windows PC, Mac, Android, iOS, etc.

Google Sheets

The tools foresee importing a spreadsheet of different formats from a Google Drive or a local computer. Also, users can download their sheets in different formats:

  • Microsoft Excel;
  • OpenDocument Format;
  • PDF;
  • Web page;
  • CSV;
  • TSF.

The compatibility makes it simple to send documents to those who prefer utilizing Microsoft Excel only. Also, the collected data can be captured as a PDF file for presenting the results and erasing the ability to implement any edits. Google sheets is a very powerful tool for preparing detailed reports. However, if you want a professional to supplement your reposts with text, don’t forget to check the expert writing reviews not to get cheated by moderate-quality services that offer over-priced help for students.

Sharing and Collaborative Work

Since the tool is cloud-based, it can easily be shared with others via a shareable link or by granting access to a file via email. This feature is super helpful if you need to quickly provide access to a new file to friends in your contacts.

Google Sheet has an advanced sharing feature that allows setting permissions. Three permissions can be set to shareable sheets. The first one allows previewing a document only and restricts users from making any changes. The second provides the opportunity to pick particular cells and add comments or suggestions. However, only the document’s owner can apply edits. The third one grants 100% editing permission, so other users can make any corrections, add new information, and erase data.

This feature creates a very convenient environment for collaborative work. For instance, a team that works on a large project can use a shared Google Spreadsheet as a platform for writing their ideas, discussing them, adding data, and tracking a team’s progress. Besides, users can chat with each other using the inbuilt functionality. If someone from a team cannot work on a project due to a large amount of homework, you can easily drop the link to PaperHelp review to help your teammates get their assignments done fast.

Version Control

Thanks to cloud-based technology, you should never worry about accidental data loss. Unlike other alternatives that need users to save files locally, people who use this tool are not afraid of accidental outages. Google Sheets upload all the information to the cloud simultaneously. Therefore, if your machine switches off accidentally, you won’t lose all your data.

Cloud Hosting

Moreover, the tool has the feature that foresees the ability to control the version. If someone erases any information accidentally, they can always revert any changes. If the changes weren’t reverted simultaneously, everyone can review the list of edits and restore the most recent correct version of a spreadsheet in a few clicks. The version control feature foresees the option to check who and when applied certain modifications to a document.

Power of Google

Some great characteristics make the process of data collection, processing, and presentation simple and effortless. Even though the syntax of formulas needs students to spend some time learning them, they are still beneficial. In case you want to become a skilled Google Sheets user, don’t be shy about examining the essay writing reviews. Frank feedback from verified users will help you find a reliable homework help platform that will free your schedule to learn all the formulas.

For instance, users can use the close integration with other Google products. They can translate the content, import information from Google Finance, and even import data from the Internet. Also, the tool can be integrated with Google Forms, which is very helpful for performing surveys. All the collected information imports to a Google Spreadsheet automatically. Data can be easily presented in the form of charts and diagrams. All that users need to do is select a particular array of cells and hit the corresponding button. Also, all visual data can be edited thanks to a large number of customization tools.

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