How to Quickly Generate a Cookie Banner and Legal Documents for Your Site

December 28, 2020 by Ivana Banic

If you’re planning on running any business online, one of the many steps you’ll have to take is making sure your site is 100% legal. The last thing you want to do is fall into legal troubles due to something you didn’t even realize was an issue in the first place. There’s plenty of plugins, software, and tools you can get to avoid that possibility best.

Your first option is to try and match the right ones, and there’s a chance your site will be up and running in no time. Your second option is to seek expert legal advice and then dip your toes into the world of legal compliance tools. This all seems rather tedious, and we bet you’re thinking to yourself there has to be another option. Well, as it turns out, you’d be quite right in thinking that. As the saying goes, there is always a happy medium.

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Iubenda is the best way to make your site compliant with the law. It offers a full set of solutions; all packed within one product, so you won’t have to download a million different plugins and apps to achieve your goal.


You might be wondering what needs to be done to have a law-abiding site? Well, these are the basics; your site needs a fully-functions cookie and privacy policy, it has to be compliant with EU Cookie Law, there needs to be a ToS ( Terms of Service, Terms, and Conditions) form, records of your GDPR consent forms need to be saved and if any of your audience is Californian CCPA disclosures are also a must.

Here’s how Iubenda takes care of all these for you.

By using their Privacy and Cookie policy generator, Iubenda allows all of its users to draft, create, and continuously update their policies, both for GDPR compliance and CCPA.

You can generate both in 8 languages and customize your clauses from over 1300 pre-written ones already on there, or you can add your own in case it’s necessary. All of your policies are subject to auto-updating. Yes, you heard that right; when a law changes, your privacy and Cookie policies will self-update.

There’s also an option to generate a Cookie banner with a single click and set it up, so it pops out at the user’s first visit. Along with that, the ability to block all cookies prior to the user’s consent is another improvement Iubenda has made that every site should have.
In like manner, this specialized section also comes with Cookie analytics and an option to add a DNSMPI ( Do Not Sell My Personal Information) button.


The second thing you’ll have to keep an eye out for when trying to legalize is how to properly manage your Terms and Conditions pop-up once you’ve drafted it. That’s why Iubenda’s Terms and Conditions generator has been optimized for e-Commerce, the marketplace, and Saas businesses. The road to setting all of this up is guided, as this tool provides many different prompts, hints, and explanations on what you should be doing. It also comes with a vast list of possible scenarios, both simple and complex, to help you along in any situation.


Finally, what any site that strives for complete legality needs is GDPR consent records and Internal Privacy management. This particular aspect of the tool is arguably one of its most useful ones. It takes care of close to all legal requirements your site has without any extra hassle and safely and efficiently stores your proof of consent. By using it, you can also observe the preferences your visitors expressed, at which point in their scrolling was consent given and who it was that gave it. All you have to do in order to take full advantage of this is to activate the consent solution with a single click and add the Iubenda JS widgets to your sites.

What we mean by internal privacy management is actually just one more step towards being fully compliant with GDPR and other data privacy standards. Under this section of the law, website owners are obligated to keep a record of how they store and use their users’ information. What Iubenda does for you in this area is: it seamlessly integrates this with all solutions it offers, it defines and describes all of your data processing activities, and compiles all of your records of data activity in one place.


All of these solutions and tools are located on a single dashboard that works in multiple languages and across international legislation.

FEES: Appsumo is currently offering some special deals on Iubenda. The Single version of the product that includes 5 licenses costs 59$. The Double version comes with 15 licenses and costs 118$. If, however, you need even more than that, there’s also The Multiple version that comes with 25 licenses and costs 177$.


Iubenda is a great tool that comes with legal solutions every site should have.

Some of these include:
⦁ The ability to generate and maintain a Cookie policy(and banner) and a ToS
⦁ Auto-updating when laws you are trying to be compliant with change
⦁ Storing your Consent records in a safe space
⦁ Collecting and saving records of how the information you collect is being used
⦁ Works across multiple languages

Final Thoughts

While trying to have a law-abiding site might seem like a lot of work initially, it doesn’t have to be if you let smart software solutions do the job for you. Nobody wants their business to cross any legal lines, and by getting Iubenda, you can make sure that yours won’t. Iubenda is an overall fantastic tool that offers attorney level solutions to your law-abiding problems. All comprised within a single software. If you decide on this software in the end, one thing we can guarantee is that you’ll have more time to think about growing your business, and the software can get into the nitty-gritty instead of you.

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