Follow Santa on his journey around the world

December 07, 2016 by ivan

It’s only eighteen days until Christmas. People have already started preparing for the holiday season, but so is Santa. If you didn’t know, it takes time and hard work to prepare everything for Santa’s journey around the world. Mr. Claus himself is working hard, but so are the Elves who now allow you to be a part of the tradition.

If you are like us and you like to combine Christmas tradition with technology, you might be interested in decorating your WordPress site for holiday season. It’s easy to add snow to your site, but if you want to connect to your visitors on a whole new level, we suggest that you greet them with a beautiful Christmas Card.

You can create the Christmas card using a tool like Crello, which is sort of a dupe for Photoshop and Canva just without the huge learning curve.

Crello will come equipped with a bunch of one-click editing tools that can do everything from text editing, resizing, cropping, applying photo effects to adjusting the fade and contrast, and much more.

Along with the one-click editing tools, you will also get 30,000+ customizable templates and millions of high-quality photos, videos, designs, and animations. But of course, you can always use images from sites like Depositphotos, Yay Images, and Stock Unlimited in the designs you create with Crello. Or in other words, in your Christmas cards.

Okay, enough about Crello, let’s get back to following Santa!

Google likes to play games and prepare surprises. If you have opened Google Maps in the last few days, you could have seen a cute little banner just below the search function. There is a picture of Santa and a simple countdown timer until the take-off.

Santa Claus Village in Finland

Click to open a larger map


So, how to follow Mr. Claus? Yes, you can follow Santa Clause on Twitter, but we didn’t mean that. Instead, you can follow Santa via Google Maps. To be more precise, you will be able to track Santa in his journey around the world, but for now, you can help prepare everything.

If you click on that banner in Google Maps or open Santa Tracker directly, you will visit a magical village. The snow is falling, but the sun is still able to shine on the center. You can see airplanes fly-by, and skydivers are plummeting toward the village. Everything seems so serene at first, but if you take a closer look, you will see that this little place is very busy. Elves are working in every corner, and they want your help.

Every day, you can become a part of a new game. In partnership with Google’s developers, Elves are there to teach you something new, show you a video or let you play a game.┬áSo far, you can find games like Penguin Dash, Code Boogie, Santa Tracker, Present Bounce and Santa Selfie. You can learn about holiday traditions, translations, how to code a snowflake while the code lab will teach you the basics of programming through a fun game. Don’t forget to watch a cute video about Santa, as well.

While having fun, you are actively participating in Santa’s journey. Once ready, Santa will take off so don’t forget to navigate back to Google Maps where you will be able to track his journey.


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