Five Effective Marketing Strategies Used in Sports Betting to Use on Your Website

March 20, 2023 by Lucija

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The sports betting industry has been in overdrive in the US ever since the Supreme Court made its landmark decision in 2018 to effectively hand over legislation to individual states. There has been a huge rush by sportsbooks to capture a foothold in a very busy market.

This is also one of the most consistently successful industries out there, so there is probably something you could learn from the way it is marketed. The best betting sites have very strong marketing strategies – and if you can pick up a few tips you could really notice the difference. It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, these five ideas will help up your marketing game.


Creating traffic to your website is vital if you are then going to run a profitable business. Quality content can get people on your site in the first place – but it is important what kind of content you go for. Stacking your content with keywords just doesn’t work anymore. So you need to give this more thought.

Think about the kind of content that your potential customers may be interested in. It doesn’t have to be specific to what you are selling. But if there is some crossover on the subject matter, you will be able to get people on your website. Engaging content is key here.

Celebrity Endorsement

This is going to be easier for some bigger companies and websites than others. But you can be very fluid with what is considered a celebrity. It might be more apt to use the term influencer. Sportsbooks and betting sites use sports personalities, so customers will associate them with their product.

Whatever business you are in – and whatever your website covers – there will be influencers that will be looked at as a positive to your customers. If you can use influencers in your field of business to attract people to the site, there will be greater brand awareness.

Social Media

Betting sites have really taken to social media to get their products out there. When a customer signs up for a new account, they are asked which way they would like to be contacted about future promotions. Email is a given, but the way we use social media has grown so much in recent years that this is a very good way to reach your audience.

Sharing existing customer experiences on social media is a great way to attract even more customers – and customer traffic to your site. Betting sites do this all the time and can direct new users. People feel as though they are involved in a relationship with good social media.


Gift Bonuses

This is a marketing strategy used by online sportsbooks that you cannot have missed if you live in a location where sports betting is already legal. It is extremely rare to find a sportsbook that does not offer some kind of welcome bonus as a way of enticing new customers. People just enjoy getting things for ‘free’.

Obviously, with a sportsbook, it can offer free bets or other betting credits. But whatever your area of business is, you can offer a reward or a bonus for visiting your site, or even just for adding a name to a mailing list. It doesn’t have to be as extravagant as some sportsbook offers – just something that seems to be for free.


This is a particularly important aspect of betting site marketing, as every state will have different laws and regulations. It may not be quite as strict in your own business – you probably don’t offer a service that is illegal in some places. But it is important to make your content and information specific to location.

This could be down to the words and phrases that you use. Some will work in some locations and regions, but not in others. This is why your marketing strategy should never be a one-size-fits-all policy. Take time with your marketing strategies for the best results. The gambling industry does that and reaps the rewards – and so can you.


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