Integrating Google Maps into WordPress Sites/Blogs without Plugins

Whether you own a business site or a personal blog, the power of the site depends on how interactive it is. Apart from the attractive design and layout of a site, a website is also rated for how much information it gives to the users. Users prefer a website that guides them and provides complete knowledge about what they are looking for. To attract more readers, refer to the tips to make your blog successful. Also, it is good to be familiar with tips that professional web developers use to improve the overall design, the user’s experience, and the overall performance of the website.

The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords in Google Maps

Marketing tricks and tactics can be very productive, but they won’t help you to boost sales or increase brand awareness if you are facing thousands of competitors who do the same thing. Remember how back in the early stages of email marketing open rates were several times higher than today?

7 WordPress Tricks of Professional Web Developers

Website visitors are very quick to judge the book by its cover. More precisely, a person takes less than 5 seconds to decide whether they should spend their time on a website. People always scan the landing page first. If they like what they see, they’ll go ahead and either consume the content or move to another relevant page within the same website.

7 Things You Didn’t Know Google Maps Can Do

Google Maps has seen widespread adoption among the populace thanks to the fact that it can be run on the majority of consumer-grade electronic devices including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. If a device can run the software and is connected to the internet, chances are it can access at least some of the essential features of Google Maps.

How to Improve Google Ranking in SERPs with a CDN

If you are a website owner, the Internet is probably a hard place for you; and we are not exaggerating.

How to Set Up an Interesting Blog With Good Articles

The blog mantra has been passed over for years now. Everywhere you look encourages you to create a blog.  What these people don’t tell you is that no one will give your blog a second look if it’s downright boring. People hate dull things, especially custom term paper writing, and a boring blog makes it worse.

Is It Worth to Post Fake Reviews about Your Business Online?

Have you ever seen one of those websites that feature fake reviews? These are usually “wonder pills” that help you lose weight without dieting or exercise, or “magic creams” that erase wrinkles like real-life Photoshop. You see and realize that the photos are computer-altered, and you cannot help but wonder: “Do people buy this?”

20 Tips for Bloggers to Rank in Google’s Top 3

Blogging is one of the most convenient ways to express your creativity in the digital era. It is also one of the most productive content marketing strategies. Blogging allows you to address the global audience and the only thing that stands in your way toward reaching millions of followers is Google search ranking.

7 Killer Tips to Create Google Maps Marketing Strategy That Works

Google is the Mount Everest of contemporary marketing. You can’t expect to develop a successful business these days without some severe SEO activities aimed at this digital giant. Google holds 75% of the search engine market share, while this figure grows to 90% if you look at mobile devices alone.

Things You Should Take Care of When Running a WordPress Blog

If you have a WordPress blog, then you already know how hard is it to maintain and keep it working. Yes, it’s not same as running a whole company, but if you are generating revenue from your blog, then you can easily compare it. Today we will share with you a few things you should take care of when running a WordPress blog.