Drop a nuclear bomb on any Google Maps location

In 2012, a historian of nuclear weapons, Alex Wellerstein, decided it’s time for nuking Google Maps. While this might sound terrifying at first, it is actually quite a fun project which combines Google Maps technology with some other web technologies you might or might not be familiar with. The result is a map game which allows you to nuke any location on Earth.

7 famous city names found on different Google Maps locations

There are cities in the world that everyone has heard of. Whether those are famous for something specific or just huge enough to attract our attention, we all know where, for example, New York or Paris is.

Travel back in time with Google Maps

Did you know that Google created a time machine? Well, sort of. Until this gigantic company actually starts building one (which won’t surprise us at all), we will have to thank them for the virtual time machine they’ve created inside Google Maps.

Top 5 Google Maps browser games

With Google Maps, the famous company created a technology with practically no limits. Maps are updated all the time, features are introduced frequently and even games and pranks are shown to users from time to time. Do you remember Pac-man on the Google Maps?

7 ways Google captures Street View images

Google Street View technology has become something we easily take for granted. Back in 2007 when the first Google car rolled out on the street with a huge camera on top, people got used to viewing images on the Maps.

Top 10 Google Maps places to see from the satellite view

Earth is beautiful. Everyone agrees on that. Satellite images allow us to see our tiny blue planet from the heavens above. For decades, satellite images weren’t something an average Joe could access easily, but the times have changed.