Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

December 29, 2021 by Patricia Bennett

In the online business world, customers got used to the fact that even large companies respond to their reviews on social media. On the one hand, companies can’t track all the comments manually. On the other hand, their online reputation is formed based on many factors, including responses to the clients.

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As a business owner, if you want to deal with this issue effectively, look for the best social media monitoring tools and their advantages.

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For example, one can do a good job of determining the sentiment of comments, while the other offers integration with all social networks.

The choice should be made based on the monitoring objectives. If you need to track only social networks, then there is no point in paying for a universal services subscription. In this case, it’s better to choose a special platform for social networks and use all the tools available there. More about different modern tools you’ll find out further.

Free monitoring tools

The free social media monitoring services such as Google Alerts or Babkee usually have limited options. Any good product comes on a paid basis because the creator is interested in making sure that it generates profit consistently.

Social Media

You can use the free tool as an experiment or at the first stages of online brand development. Before wasting time creating a project in the service, you should carefully read about its capabilities. After testing, you’ll understand whether or not it applies to your goals.

Partly free services

There are tracking tools that provide customers with a no-pay subscription and the ability to test a paid plan. To this group belong:

  • MediaMonitoring Telegram Bot;
  • Chotam;
  • StarComment;
  • IQBuzz.

They usually have more options than free services, but there are drawbacks too. In most cases, comfortable usage is not available without paying for a subscription.

Paid monitoring tools

Paid social media monitoring services contain many useful tools that you can use to analyze brand reputation on social media. Unlike free and partly free counterparts, such platforms as YouScan and Brand Analytics are fully responsible for the quality of the services provided and are ready to give customers support at every stage of integration.

Before paying, you should carefully read the possibilities, register, and create as well as manage a project for your brand.

Monitoring tools automate most routine tasks associated with analyzing online brand reputation. They are definitely worth using to support a strong reputation.

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