5 Steps to Migrate Your WordPress Site Manually

February 23, 2023 by Adnan

Sometimes, students have to complete difficult tasks for their homework, for example, migrating their WordPress website by hand. These are not typical assignments, but they can still happen. Or, you might be doing some extra work on the side, and you need to complete the WordPress migration by yourself. Instead of using a popular plugin, you can do it by hand.

WordPress app

This project can be a little bit overwhelming when you don’t know where to start. At the same time, you can try searching for an essay service online EssayHub, for some help. Expert writers can assist you with any task! But if you want to try doing it by yourself, this guide will be perfect for you! You will find the right steps and tools that might help you in this challenge.

Select a new WordPress host

This step is pretty simple. If you are moving your web pages, this means that you are not pleased with your former host. It’s always a good idea to evaluate your priorities and needs and choose a host based on them, like for better security or scalability. There are several types of hosts to choose from:

  • shared;
  • virtual private server;
  • dedicated.

Create some backups for all files on your website

Just like students always make sure to create backups for their papers, you need to make a copy of your web pages. In the case of learners, they can use do my term paper services when they lose all of their progress. You don’t have that option, so pick an FTP tool and download a copy of your root directory to your machine.

Create a backup for your WordPress database and export it

Same as with the files, you will need a copy of your database. You can gain access to it with the help of the control panel. After that, you can look for the Export tab and download a copy of your entire directory in .sql format.

Create a new SQL database and import the contents of the exported database and files

Now you need to go to the web host that you have chosen before and create a new blank directory. Basically, this is where you will import your backup info and base your new site on it. You can complete this step in the cPanel, but it will take some time.

WordPress website

Change the wp-config.php file and DNS of your website

Your website won’t open unless you update the wp-config.php file as well as your Domain Name Server. It will redirect the website to your new database so it becomes accessible to the public. Use an expert from the best paper writing services to help you with this step. There are all kinds of professionals that can finish the migration process for you!


Now you know about 6 steps of migrating your WordPress website by hand. You might feel overwhelmed at first, but it’s not that hard, especially with this guide!

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