32 WordPress Products That Millions of People Use

October 13, 2019 by milica

Every WordPress user knows that the best way to extend the functionality of your website and expand the website itself is through WordPress plugins and tools. Yeah sure, those renaissance types among you are probably waving their ideas and contents right now, but let’s face it – if you don’t insert that idea and develop your website properly, nothing will happen. You have to go online and put yourself out there. If you don’t trust me, look at Shane Dawson. He is the human equivalent of a successful WordPress website.

Furthermore, no matter how big and successful you get, the grind never stops. Your website needs to be constantly improved and competitive on the market and needless to say, it is hard to stay relevant among such grand competition. See this right here doesn’t apply just to you. It applies to Melany, the book-blogger from Iowa, and Bjorn online Latin professor from Norway, and even that dude Pyotr spare car parts seller from Russia. Melany, Bjorn, Pyotr, you and I, we are all in this together, because all of us are WordPress users and all of us need to grow. If we are being honest, all of us have probably tried our fair share of WordPress plugins and themes, and some worked better than others. Some of them we are using at this very moment and some simply weren’t our jar of hearts or whatnot…

Anyway, if you haven’t figured it out yet (cuz I’m mysterious and stuff) in this article we will be listing 32 WordPress products that millions of people use. Why 32? Idk dude, but Evan Peters did turn 32 this year and he’s like the coolest guy on the planet, so let’s say it’s because of him (die-hard AHS fan here).

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends. I mean don’t be selfish, share your stuff, treat people with kindness, yadda yadda yadda…So let’s begin. (*insert Pennywise laugh here)


The chances of you browsing through the internet looking for the best WP plugins and not running into WPForms every step of the way are slim to none. WPForms is simply the best WordPress plugin for crafting smart forms and comprehensive surveys in 5 minutes or less. This terrific plugin is also as cool as a cucumber and it doesn’t require any code-writing skills whatsoever. It is trusted by more than 2 million professionals from all over the globe and it is also included in the top 20 most popular WordPress plugins of all-time lists. That is like the Oscar of plugins, this here list is just the Emmy.

WPForms features a built-in drag-and-drop builder, a bunch of cool templates with terrific demos, and plenty of other features that will allow you to make some great forms. All forms are 100% responsive and look great on all devices. Furthermore, all of them are spam-protected, containing a clever captcha and honeypot. Lastly, all forms support user registration, file upload, geolocation data, and much more.

The basic WPForms package contains unlimited forms and entries, downloads, 1-year support, and updates, as well as plenty of other cool and handy features.

Total Theme

If you are on a quest for a WordPress theme that will allow you to build a variety of different websites within minutes, Total Theme is exactly what you need. Total Theme is a user-friendly, flexible, and compact WordPress theme featuring over 40 brilliant demos (installable with 1-click), and much more. You will also get 4 free premium addons: the most popular page builder WPBakery, Templatera, SliderLayer, and Layer Revolution. Furthermore, you will get over 100-page builder elements, and tons of options to fully customize the theme.

Total Theme works terrifically on all devices and it is completely SEO friendly.

For carefree and easy experience use Total Theme on your next project.


Aside from having the coolest name on the list, MonsterInsights allows you to view the valuable Google Analytics numbers on your WP dashboard. Because of its transparency and easy navigation, MonsterInsights is currently the most frequently used Google Analytics plugin for WordPress.

Having analytics data right in front of you will help you to get to know your visitors and better understand what drives them to your content the most. Once you have the insight into a particular matter it is easy to put things into perspective and take proper actions. Keeping that in mind, it becomes clear how MonsterInsights subsequently boosts your website traffic and overall conversion.


GlowHost is currently the most popular hosting solution and you’ve probably heard about it, but it didn’t get to where it is overnight. GlowHost was launched more than fifteen years ago, back in 2002, and it has been developing its set of features ever since. GlowHost offers 3 packages for WordPress users. The Shared WordPress Solution costs $9.95 per month and it’s terrific for small blogs, agencies, digital magazines, etc. The other 2 packages are suitable for bigger websites with busier traffic.

GlowHost offers support 24/7/365, and you will get proper answers to your questions usually within 20 minutes. GlowHosts support team is quite well-known in the WordPress community for its promptness and diligence.

There are usually various coupons enabled on their GlowHost website, so make sure to check it out.


Whether your business is big or small, building a mobile app to add to will be beneficial and considerably improve its accessibility. Apps are usually very expensive to make and maintain, but now MobiLoud is here to save that problem.

With MobiLoud every publishing business can have its own mobile app. Apps are usually launched within 2 or 3 weeks for just a fraction of the cost that some app-agency would charge. Pricing with MobiLoud starts ate $950 + $249 per month and it includes everything you could possibly need for a successful mobile app.

Ultimate Addons for Elementor – The Best WordPress Page Builder

Elementor is already a powerful platform on its own, but by using the Ultimate Addons you will be able to supercharge it and get the most out of it. With more than 30 professional efficient widgets and gorgeous and functional templates, your Elementor website will stand out and get more traffic in no time.


Codester is a huge and busy marketplace with a large variety of products, including premium quality WordPress plugins and themes. All of these themes look splendid and highly functional on all devices, and all have a pixel-perfect design. You will also be able to fully customize your preferred theme virtually any way you like, so it suits your needs and expectations.

Browse through Codester’s colorful offer and choose your next WordPress portfolio theme.

Schema Pro

Adding schema markups to your Website can be quite tedious and overwhelming without proper tools. Back in the day, I knew some folks who even gave up after a while letting the low search engine ratings take their blogs into virtual anonymity. These days adding markups takes only a couple of minutes thanks to miraculously good Schema Pro. Schema Pro is currently the most powerful and capable WordPress plugin for automatically adding markups. The whole process is quick and simple, all you have to do is click and let the plugin do the rest.

The Gallery List – Promote Your Project

If you are looking to submit your respective websites and projects to a carefully curated list of both common and paid directories, The Gallery List is exactly what you need. It is the most famous service of its kind and it has been doing stellar work for more than a decade.

With The Gallery List, your website will be submitted by hand and once it is done you will receive a spreadsheet report via email.


MailMunch is a comprehensive tool that will capture useful leads from your website and convert occasional visitors into long-term devoted users, email subscribers and clients. It offers services of its amazing drag-and-drop builder, as well as a variety of pre-designed newsletter templates, as well as completely customizable opt-in form templates.

MailMunch also has a versatile set of advanced features that will help you grow your email list in no time.

Rank Math SEO

Rank Math is an SEO-friendly and capable plugin that will put your website SEO on auto-pilot, in order to provide you with a higher rank and more visibility, as well as to garner more traffic. All it takes is a swift and simple configuration, and Rank math will do its magic and boost your website.

WP Review Plugin

WP Review is currently the leader among the WordPress review plugins. Its rich content and great features lead WP Review straight to the top of the review providing tools. Loaded with 14 useful snippets, 16 awesome templates, with a variety of rating systems, and much more, WP Review is easy and fun to use and it doesn’t require any previous experience or tech knowledge.

 Landingi- Landing Page Builder

Landingi is perfect for both novice landing page users and experience WordPress veterans. It has a highly intuitive drag-and-drop builder, with additional A/B testing features, and so much more stuff that makes handling this plugin a pleasurable and fun experience. The pages you create with Landingi will convert in a matter of minutes and your website will get a boost without any effort on your part.

You should try it right now because Landingi currently offers a 14-day free trial.

We Love WP

One of the best ways to use the advantages of WordPress is to check out WeLoveWP for inspiration. Checking out what others did could give you some terrific ideas of your own. Unless you’re James Charles, in which case you will just copy everything.

WeLoveWP can also be used for submitting your projects. The instant submission package costs $10 and all projects that get accepted are published on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and all become part of an email blast.

Taskade – The Unified Workspace for Distributed Teams

Taskade represents the unified workspace for remote teams and team members. WordPress developers and designers use Taskade to work together and boost productivity, which ultimately saves a lot of time. With Taskade users can create their own templates crafted to fit their particular requirements and needs.

Taskade is easy to use, completely free and works great on iOS, Android, PC, Web, Mac and Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Knowledge Base

KnowAll is the best and most frequently used WP knowledge base template in the current market. Using presales and smart support pages is a great way to turn visitors into customers. By providing quick and personalized answers you will gain your user’s trust without submitting tickets to the support-staff and paying extra cash.


Goodie is a competent and professional WordPress development service created to meet the needs of designers and business owners. It employs services of a variety of capable experts who will complete your projects with outmost care and responsibility.

Get in touch with Goodie today and check out what its experts can do for you.

Portfolio Contact Page

Bonsai is a highly capable service that is easy to use and doesn’t require any coding knowledge or tech-savviness. With Bonsai you will be able to make trendy user-friendly contact pages within minutes, as well as send contracts, invoices, and proposals.

Bonsai is currently offering a 14-day free trial, so you can visit the website and see their offer for yourself.


WordPressToWix.PRO deals with moving WordPress websites to popular Wix platform. The company has been present on the market for over 3 years, and it has managed to create a great reputation, as well as the trust and loyalty of hundreds of clients all over the world. Professionals working at WordPressToWix.PRO are always ready to discuss your concerns and solve any technical problems, as well as recommend further project-related steps.


WixToWordPress.PRO provides professional, safe and affordable migration of a variety of websites from Wix to WordPress. The company has established one of the top positions on the market in its respective niche. Their services are not only secure and professional but affordable as well. The service offers a very moderate and transparent pricing policy without any hidden agendas and fees, so it will fit the needs of all users.

uCalc – Calculators & Forms Builder for WordPress Website

If you want to expand your business by setting up a competent and reliable calculator on your site, swiftly and effortlessly uCalc builder is perfect for you. It is regarded on SuperbWebsiteBuilders.com as one of a kind in its niche, it allows your users to calculate costs, make online payments through PayPal and much more. With uCalc you will also be able to add some awesome forms like subscriptions, feedback forms, polls, etc. It’s a great update to any WordPress website.

uSocial – Service to Create Social Share and Like buttons for any WordPress Website

Thanks to uSocial, you don’t have to be an influencer or a major developer to provide your website users with means to share your content on their social media outlets. uSocial is a competent and stylish solution that allows you to build Share and Like buttons swiftly and easily virtually everywhere on your website. Intuitive and capable drag-and-drop technology has proven itself to both efficient and reliable when it comes to website building. You can also customize your buttons by selecting icon forms, styles, and colors. This great tool works for any type of WordPress website. Start building now for free!

Mobirise Website Builder

Mobirise lets you create a splendid WordPress website within just a couple of minutes and without any special skills and coding required. This terrific tool is loaded with forms, galleries, icons, sliders, popups and many more useful things you can use to make your website more engaging and interesting.

Creating a website has never been easier than with Mobirise.

WordPress Maintenance

24×7 WP Support will efficiently fix every single WordPress issue you might be having, it will provide you with professional hosting service, SSL certificates, WordPress development and training, domain names and much more. Their competent team also offer SEO help and complete WP packages that include a variety of useful stuff.

Get in touch with 24×7 WP Support, you won’t regret it.


RumbleTalk is a highly capable plugin that will enable you to add group chats to your website within just a few minutes. In order to successfully work with this remarkable plugin, you don’t have to have coding skills or be particularly tech-savvy. Furthermore, RumbleTalk is packed with a large variety of features and options, which makes it even more fun to work with.

You can try RumbleTalk for free today.

WordPress page builder

Brizy is a competent and very powerful WordPress page builder. You can use Brizy to make captivating and completely functional websites within minutes and without typing. Brizy is equipped with a drag-and-drop builder, a bunch of free templates, and a variety of useful features.

Try building with Brizy today and you will be hooked in no time.

Opinion Stage Quiz Maker

If you want to create highly converting, intuitive and engaging quizzes, popups, forms, lists, etc. you should try working with Quiz Maker. This famous and popular form builder is simple to use, it doesn’t require any particular tech expertise or any coding skills, and it is fully equipped with beautiful templates and reliable and strong editor.

Fortune Creations – WordPress Themes

Fortune Creations lets you create remarkable free and premium WordPress templates that will work great on all devices. The templates are also rich with the latest technologies, lightning-fast and even SEO friendly.

Check out the Fortune Creations website and choose your WordPress theme from a variety of high-quality themes.


The Blabber is a fully customizable WordPress theme fit for news, blogs, media or magazine websites. It includes a variety of demos, theme elements, layout options, widgets, shortcodes, and modules. This terrific theme will let you edit and have fun until you get it just right.

Google Maps Widget PRO

This marvelous plugin lets you create as many maps on your website as you want and add as many pins as you see fit. You can have maps on your pages, posts, menus, sidebars, etc. and you will get to take the full advantage of directions, street view, and many other useful options. Furthermore, it will let you use custom styles to achieve exactly what your website needs when it comes to design.

Lastly, Google Maps Widget PRO is very quick and it allows you to add a map to your website just two minutes after the installation has been completed.

Coming Soon Maintenance Mode

With Coming Soon Maintenance Mode plugin you will forget all about those complicated plugins that used to waste hours of your time, just to end up with mediocre results. Coming Soon is extremely user-friendly, and it has only the feature you will actually need.

In order to give you more flexibility and freedom of choice, Coming Soon has over 1 million free images and more than 100 terrific themes. It also supports your autoresponder and collects emails while you do something else, so you can be sure your website is growing even when it’s on a temporary hiatus.

WP Reset

WP Reset will do miracles for your website or developer’s environment. It will rid you of junk in no time and declutter your dashboard within minutes. WP Reset is very intuitive and it will reconfigure your environment exactly the way you want it. You can specify the reset process through selective reset tools, and you can also use database snapshots to restore the installation to what you want.

There is also a variety of other great features like database diff viewer, terrific collections of plugins and themes, nuclear reset button, and so much more.

So there you have it! Wherever you are in the world right now, if you are a WordPress user, chances are you’ve probably used, use or will use at least a couple of these handy tools. This was me, low-key calling you predictable. I’m kidding! I know you’re smart and awesome. After all, you read this article till the end. And now that you are all set and ready to browse further, download one of these plugins, it will make your day for sure. Also, stream Harry Styles “Lights Up” while you do it, that will make your day too. Toodles!


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